Below Deck Med: Why Captain Sandy Took So Long To Fire Lexi

Fans of Below Deck Mediterranean feel that Captain Sandy waited way too long before letting second stew Lexi Wilson go. Lexi stirred up trouble with every single crew member, leaving plenty of hurt feelings in her wake. While Sandy thought Lexi needed a little guidance, fans believed that she was a bad apple who was rotting the crew from the inside out.

Early on, the Caribbean beauty Lexi threw a wrench in the plan, which was having the whole crew get along for the entire charter season. While watching the show, Below Deck Mediterranean fans learned that Lexi had just lost her father, but everyone agreed that that sad event was not an excuse to be mean to other people. The first incident occurred when she offended Chef Mathew Shea by indulging in the guest's lamb chops. Lexi caused more drama when she intimidated deckhand Lloyd Spencer and pushed Mzi Dempers. The drama made the entire crew wary of Lexi, and in the end, she had to be let go.

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Captain Sandy is often considered the voice of reason on the nautical-themed show, but fans felt she took her sweet time when it came to firing Lexi, who was very insensitive. Captain Sandy defended her handling of the situation while speaking with Us Weekly. The seasoned captain shared that the whole setup was different, especially while working during a pandemic. The circumstances made it extremely hard to replace a crew member because a newbie would need to quarantine. Captain Sandy informed viewers, saying, "Like, I don't make split decisions. I defer to people that are spending all this money to create this."

Did motivational speaker Captain Sandy decide to put the reality show before her workers? Bravo fans sure think so. Sandy also shared that she would never have hired Lexi in the first place. As most Below Deck Mediterranean fans know, she has no control over who the network decides to cast. Sandy is an advocate and supporter of most of her crew members. Still, she made it clear she would never have tolerated Lexi's behavior had she known everything about it. Sandy said Katie Flood beat around the bush about how bad the situation was.

Captain Sandy is either loved or hated by Below Deck Mediterranean fans, but she made the right call after looking at the evidence. She does not attend the crew dinners or nights out, so she is usually far removed from the interpersonal problems that crop up among the young teammates. Even though Captain Sandy is still embroiled in drama and catching flak, she followed the rule book. If fans know the leader at all, they know she loves the rule book.

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Below Deck Mediterranean airs Monday at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.

Source: Us Weekly

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