Batman Needs A Spider-Man: Far From Home Unmasking Moment

DC's Batman is in need of a massive update to the status quo - and it ought to come in the form of emulating one of Spider-Man's most famous moments from the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Spider-Man: Far From Home. The Caped Crusader is one of the oldest superheroes in history, appearing in 1938 and still going strong over 80 years later. Yet Batman is in need of a dramatic shake-up, and he must unmask as Spider-Man did in his second MCU outing.

Spider-Man's secret identity is a closely-guarded secret. Peter Parker worries that supervillains, upon discovering his real identity, would hunt down his family and friends in an attempt to strike at the webslinger (never mind the fact that his family and friends tend to get involved in Spider-Man's battles anyway) and takes appropriate precautions to conceal his face. They're often not enough; several supervillains have discovered Peter's identity and his worst fears are realized when they do indeed attack those whom he loves the most. Both Mary Jane and Aunt May have found out on their own that Peter was Spider-Man, and kept that knowledge to themselves for years.

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By contrast, Batman is much better at concealing his identity. With very few exceptions (Silver St. Cloud and Hugo Strange, for example), people only find out if he wants them to find out; Bruce Wayne is a calculating man who thrives on having control of the situation at all times. But Batman is perhaps too good at maintaining control - readers are used to Batman stories in which he plans everything to a hilt and is rarely surprised. This is where the post-credits scene from Far From Home comes into play, in which Mysterio outs Peter's identity to the entire world. What would happen if something similar were to occur with Batman?

Various alternate-universe stories have toyed with the concept (as seen above in the Injustice: Gods Among Us tie-in comic), but such an event has notably never happened in the main DC universe. A story in which Batman's identity was revealed to all would radically change his entire life. How would the various Robins react? How would Bruce defend himself in court? Would he hang up the costume for good, or would he cease acting as Bruce Wayne and become Batman full-time? There is another way to tell this unmasking narrative: what if Batman willingly unmasked, like Spider-Man did in 2006's Civil War? What would drive him to make such a monumental decision? Surely someone like Batman would have a plan behind sacrificing his secret identity, but it would certainly change Batman's situation irrevocably.

The writers and editors at DC are well aware of the power of status quo; this hypothetical story would no doubt be undone in several years, or even less. But it would still be a watershed moment for Batman, who would be forced ton confront his worst fear: a distinct lack of control over his life and identity. The best Spider-Man stories are tales of Peter Parker just barely in control of his life - and perhaps that same lack of control would make for an excellent Batman narrative.

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