Are Riley & Maurissa Still Together After Bachelor in Paradise? Latest Updates

Riley Christian and Maurissa Gunn had a pretty smooth and steamy journey on Bachelor in Paradise. Early on, the couple went on a date hosted by Lance Bass. At the dinner, Lance asked them increasingly personal questions. If they didn't answer, they had to eat some rather unappealing foods. The couple learned there were only a few things they wouldn't share on camera, but far more things they had in common. Once the makeout started, Lance, who said he wants to permanently host the show, wasn't sure if he should or shouldn't look away. When it came time for fantasy suites, Riley said, "we have to know for sure if this is something we want to continue." Then Riley took his time drawing out his response, saying he'd been mulling it over all day. Finally, he said he invited her to the fantasy suites. Maurissa playfully hit Riley and let out an expletive of relief. She asked, "why would you do that to me" Riley answered, "you know how I am," and "I can't have you thinking you just got me in the bag."

The two kissed and made up and their fantasy suite was full of strawberries, whipped cream, and hot tubs. The rest of the cast was shocked earlier when Maurissa licked whipped cream off of Riley's toes. No toes, however, were involved in the fantasy suite. Maurissa had no patience for conservative shaming. While all seemed close to perfect, the following morning, Riley expressed some doubts. He had seemed all in on Maurissa, but he whispered that he might want to hold off on an engagement. Maurissa, in tears, was no longer as confident as she felt before. However, Maurissa's worry and dramatic gaze from her suite balcony didn't last long. When it came to the engagement, Riley proposed, and it was beautiful. Maurissa said, "I got my man, I got my husband, I'm ready to start my life."

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Now that the couple is cementing their love in the real world, they also took a minute to realize they made history as the first engaged Black couple from BIP. Maurissa told People, "Going into this, I guess the social media and the media is kind of what let us know that we are the first Black couple to come out of this" ​​Riley added, "The person that we found love with also happens to look like us, which is great. It's great for the culture. So, I mean, love is love."

While Riley and Maurissa have spoken extensively about having a family, they haven't gotten too deep into the wedding planning process quite yet. The couple says their next steps are relocating to be in the same city and get to know each other's families better. Maurissa is still based in Atlanta, while Riley resides in New York City.

Ultimately, the two are one of the best couples of BIP season 7. They came into paradise as authentic representations of themselves, which made all the difference when finding love. While Maurissa and Riley made history, it seems their relationship for them is first and foremost about their genuine connection. Hopefully, Riley and Maurissa are the first of many Black couples to get engaged on Bachelor in Paradise.

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