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FX's American Horror Story: Death Valley, part two of season 10, has begun airing and is finally returning to the theme of aliens which was first introduced back in season 2. While the show is known for its troupe of actors and outlandish horror, the opening titles and theme music have become one of the most iconic elements of American Horror Story.

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While there have been variations of the theme music, the high-pitched scratching noise accompanied by the artistic visuals is a much-loved part of the show. While season 6 didn't contain an opening sequence, all of the other seasons begin with unique and stylistic titles.

10 Cult

Cult is certainly one of the more underrated seasons of the show and is often unfairly overlooked. That being said, the opening credits are quite bland and don't really stand out when compared to other seasons. The use of clowns and the merry-go-round in the titles make it feel a little too similar to the visuals from the Freak Show credits.

The alternate version of the theme music for this season is a nice touch as it effectively reflects the election theme of the season. However, a lot of the ideas feel rehashed from previous title sequences and strangely, many of the main players' names such as Leslie Grossman and Adina Porter are missing.

9 Murder House

For many, Murder House is often considered the best season and was the one that started it all. While the opening credits here set the precedent for those that follow, the imagery is quite simple compared to more recent seasons.

The credits pan around the Murder House basement, focusing on strange artifacts and images that reflect the themes of the season. These opening credits are genuinely creepy and provide an excellent introduction to American Horror Story's haunting theme tune. However, as this was the first season, the credits are still quite simple and restrained.

8 1984

1984 was the first season to be set primarily in the past since season 4 and played homage to classic slasher horror. For this season, the show really experimented with the opening titles and they were actually created by a fan.

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The '80s twist on the theme music here is fun and perfectly captures the tone of the season. However, most of the imagery in the titles focuses on the 1980s setting rather than leaning into the slasher aspects of the season. As the majority of the 1984 titles are stock footage, the credits feel like an outlier and almost too different to still be American Horror Story.

7 Apocalypse

Apocalypse was the highly anticipated season crossing both Murder House and Coven and contained some of the best character crossovers from American Horror Story. However, a lot of the imagery in the opening titles is reused from the season 1 and 3 credits. Whilst this is a clever way to reflect the crossover, it does mean these titles lack the originality of some others.

The new imagery such as the nuclear blast is exciting and fresh but new footage could also have been used to reflect the past seasons and returning characters. Ultimately, while it was exciting to see imagery from previous seasons, the reuse of previous footage feels a little lackluster, especially for such a monumental season.

6 Death Valley

Death Valley is the second part of season 10 and is already offering fans lots of creepy extraterrestrial goings-on. The footage of tentacles and alien abductions is genuinely disturbing in these titles but the imagery doesn't really go beyond this.

For a season about aliens, it's slightly disappointing that an alternative version of the theme wasn't used. However, the reuse of the Asylum theme is still exciting as, along with the aliens, it suggests there will be a tie-in to this season. The imagery in the titles is genuinely creepy and gives a lot of hints at what is to come in this half of season 10.

5 Freak Show

Freak Show was a fun and colorful season, probably most memorable for introducing Twisty the Clown. This season was the first time the show really got experimental with the title sequence and it still stands out among the others.

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The titles use animation to portray the weird and wonderful aspects of the season. The theme tune was tweaked significantly for the first time here including balloons twisting. These titles are certainly exciting and unique and perfectly reflect the fantastical nature of season 4.

4 Red Tide

Red Tide was the first part of season 10 and was a real return to form for the show, bringing back the true horror from the earlier seasons. The opening titles feature a lot of intriguing images such as the typewriter and the black pills which hints at what is to come without revealing too much.

The titles also perfectly showcased the beautiful setting of Provincetown, showing the beach and the sea which really sets this season apart from any other. While no real changes were made to the usual title music, the season didn't really require this and actually works better with the traditional music. Overall, these titles are foreboding and picturesque and highlight the contrast between the beauty of Provincetown and the horror that is unfolding within it.

3 Hotel

The show may have lost Jessica Lange, one of the best recurring cast members when it came to Hotel but it did gain Lady Gaga and the season was darker and sexier than ever before. The titles contain some striking visuals particularly of the grotesque mattress people and the vampire children. They also contain a number of shots of the hotel room doors with flashes of the 10 commandments appearing on screen, tying into one of the key storylines of the season.

The theme music was also tweaked again with a much lower and somber tone which reflected the dark yet theatrical nature of this season. Some of the visuals in these titles are truly unsettling and are perhaps even scarier than anything within the season itself.

2 Asylum

The show’s sophomore outing explored new and harrowing territory and it is often considered one of the best seasons of American Horror Story. Just watching the titles feels like stepping into a nightmare or a fever dream. The shots of inmates swaying back and forth create a sense of paranoia and fear right from the off which is what many fans felt while watching the season.

The added clap of thunder in the title music is inspired as it creates a foreboding and autumnal atmosphere. The titles end in perfectly creepy fashion with the stone statue’s blank expression changing to a smile, leaving viewers with a chill.

1 Coven

Coven may not have been the scariest season in the show’s history but it is certainly one of the most beloved. Its focus on witches and their battle for the Supremacy made for an exciting season full of surprises.

The opening credits featured shots of voodoo dolls, woodland animals, and floating hooded figures. One of the best shots from the titles showed an intriguing skeletal demon in the woods; the image is so striking that it’s shame the creature never actually featured in the show. While the season itself leaned more towards dark humor, the Coven titles are beautifully disturbing.

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