AirPods 2nd Gen Now Cost $129, But Are They Still Worth Buying?

Apple has cut the price of its second-generation AirPods to $129, but are they still worth buying? The company introduced its first set of AirPods in 2016, which quickly proved a hit with their easy device-pairing and pocket-sized charging case. Apple followed them up in March 2019 with a new iteration that, while sharing the same look as the first-generation, added voice-activated Siri and all-around better performance.

AirPods Pro launched in October 2019, sporting a black-and-white colorway and shorter stems. They also feature active noise cancellation, a transparency mode, and silicone tips, providing a more sealed fit than the open-ear design of AirPods generation one and two. Apple later expanded the line in late 2020 with AirPods Max, over-ear headphones that include an optional wire for enjoying high-fidelity audio.

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Now, with the launch of $179 third-generation AirPods, Apple is dropping the price of its second-generation AirPods to $129. The newest AirPods, with their shrunken stems, are reminiscent of the AirPods Pro. However, unlike their more expensive cousin, the third-generation AirPods do not have silicone tips to help secure them in the ear. They are also lacking active noise cancellation, though they feature support for Apple’s Spatial audio feature - something that has previously only been available with the higher-end AirPods. They also promise more dynamic audio than their predecessors because of improved drivers and Adaptive EQ.

The older AirPods promise five hours of playback time and about 24 hours of additional power via the charging case. Of course, the newer version offers an extra hour of listening and 30 hours of case power, but for those that don’t anticipate using them for such long stretches, saving $50 may be worth it. And, of course, many may prefer the iconic look of the older AirPods.

Apple has a history of repositioning its older devices as it grows its product lineup. For many years the company has dropped the price of the previous year’s iPhone as the next one hits the market. And indeed, the firm is still selling Apple Watch Series 3 - which it launched in 2017 - even after Series 4, 5, and 6 have come and gone. Here again, rather than casting aside the older device for the sake of a newer version, Apple is lowering the barrier to entry for those that want to slip a set of AirPods in their ears.

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