90 Day Fiancé: Everything To Know About Corey's Peruvian GF Jenny

The 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way couple Corey Rathgeber and Evelin Villegas are possibly headed towards divorce due to his girlfriend Jenny, and it's time to share information about her. Corey and Evelin, who secretly married in 2019, began their journey this season by arguing about his fling with Jenny. Corey from Mill A, Washington told Evelin about the four-day fling he had with Jenny, which happened while they were on a break. He never mentioned that he and Jenny had a relationship that lasted for 2.5 months. Jenny is now being disgraced by Evelin and Corey on Instagram, and fans who loved watching her on 90 Day Fiancé recently are livid.

A dead body that Corey and Evelin found floating in the water during 90 Day Fiancé: Self Quarantined brought them closer together, after the TOW couple stopped arguing about the mystery girl from Peru. Back then, Corey revealed that he was staying in a “dog house room” at Evelin’s after their latest fight. The clash had been over Evelin finding pictures of a woman Corey had cheated on her with. The drama started when Evelin found Corey’s “shampoo” in his bag after his return to Ecuador. Unbeknownst to him, the "shampoo" was actually a feminine wash product that belonged to Jenny.

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When Corey and Evelin returned for 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 3, Jenny’s name became known to audiences. Evelin revealed that they’d broken up because she wanted Corey to see that he could lose her. She thought that would inspire him to keep his promises. However, Corey considered it a good reason to hook up with Jenny. However, he hid the truth from Evelin, who found out through a friend. She asked her pal if Corey and Jenny had been intimate. “Oh no, like I tried it once, but I couldn’t get it up,” was Corey's response to Evelin. She believed him enough to forgive him.

As Evelin prepared for her $50,000 dream wedding and fed penis soup to her husband, Corey confided in her ex (and his best friend) Raul that Jenny was not a one-night stand. Corey’s relationship with Jenny had been more serious. In fact, it was so serious that Jenny had introduced Corey to her family. Jenny claimed he had told her that he was single when they started dating. When she met Corey after seven months, she confessed that their relationship had been very beautiful. Fans appreciated how understanding Jenny was about the fact that Corey had chosen Evelin over her. She even revealed that she was headed out on a date when she parted ways after their meeting. This proved that she wasn’t waiting around for closure from Corey.

When 90 Day Fiancé posted a clip of Jenny and Corey on Instagram, Evelin lashed out at her in the comments, calling her a “side chick.” Furthermore, Evelin humiliated Jenny by asking her to be less “usable and disposable.” She told fans that she always knew about Corey and Jenny's relationship. Then, Evelin also went LIVE on her Instagram to reveal that Jenny is Colombian and lives in Ecuador. She was introduced to Corey by a mutual friend. Jenny lives an hour away from Engabao and Corey met her in December 2019. He took her to Peru in February 2020. Evelin claimed that Jenny wants her fifteen minutes of fame. As per Evelin, she refused to film with Jenny because she was afraid fans wouldn't like what she said to her.

In an attempt to woo Evelin, who’s now demanded a divorce from him, Corey took to Instagram to call Jenny the “other person,” whose name disappoints and disgusts him every time he hears it. In the now-deleted post, Corey, whose IG is now private, blamed himself for making “a big mistake” and told 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way fans that they “don’t even know” Jenny, as they saw her “in one scene.” He got called out by viewers for saying, “I never had any feelings for this other person and I never intended to be with her.” Due to the backlash, Corey had to put up an apology post. However, he still hasn't directly addressed Jenny.

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