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Knives Out is a hugely celebrated murder mystery movie that audiences were drawn to thanks to its use of the genre, great casting, and explosive script. Although Knives Out 2 is currently in development, with filming taking place in Greece, it appears it will be a rather warmer affair.

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Knives Outhowever, is almost perfect for the autumn season, thanks in large part to the set design, costuming choices, and of course, the premise of the movie itself! All signs point to this being the ultimate autumnal movie -- one that audiences should certainly check out as the colder months draw in.

The murder mystery genre has often been associated with the fall season, thanks to its murderous links to Halloween. After all, murder mystery dinner parties feel at home during the autumnal months, with horror movies often borrowing crime tropes and themes from the genre.

Knives Out certainly leans into the crime genre tropes with its gruesome and bloody murder story. Of course, the scariest part of the story is the idea that the murderer is amongst the group -- a terrifying prospect and one that takes inspiration from both murder mystery novels and Halloween-esque, psychological films.

What's more, the murder mystery genre itself is usually traced back to its literary origins. The tropes and familiar elements of this category of film were originated by those who wrote murder mystery fiction, and the coziness of reading a scary book feels very much at home in fall.

It seems appropriate to pick up an Agatha Christie novel as the colder months draw in, with reading itself always feeling like an autumnal hobby. Of course, the literary themes of Knives Out extend past the genre itself, since beloved character Harlan Thrombey is also a writer.

It's difficult to ignore the sweaters that the costume department carefully chose for this production. Indeed, Ransom Drysdale sports a number of cozy-looking sweaters, which really helps sell the idea that the film takes place at a cozy time of the year.

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These sweaters are a visual cue that helps tell the story and each detail of Knives Out has been thought out to the minute level when it comes to the movie's overall aesthetic. Warm blankets and big cushions can be seen all over the house, and even the choice of warming and hearty food in the scene between Marta and Ransom capitalizes naturally on the time of year.

Knives Out is one of the most rewatchable movies of the last decade, but one element that might not immediately stand out to a first-time viewer is the scenery. It's easy to be drawn into the great character work and the action inside the home, but upon further watches, it's apparent just how beautiful the fall trees really are at the estate.

The family house is surrounded by an array of stunning plant life, and the muddy tracks certainly help sell that it's a rainier season. Furthermore, the setting and weather cleverly link to the plot, as Marta Cabrera quite literally tries to cover her tracks.

Not only are there autumnal trees surrounding the estate, but the rest of the color scheme in the movie matches the fall aesthetic. The costume and set designers definitely went all out in ensuring plenty of reds, yellows, and oranges were included in their choices.

From the aforementioned great sweaters to the color of the walls in the estate and the leaves falling on the ground, everything contributes to the stunning colors that audiences associate with the end of the year. It's a choice that cements the movie as a visually stunning work of art and certainly helps make it one of the best murder mystery movies out there.

As mentioned, the horror and Halloween-themed movie genres pull, thematically, from the murder mystery novels of old and classic cinema. But Knives Out also pulls a little from imagery and elements featured in the scary spectacles commonly associated with F\fall.

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The grizzly nature of the murder and the psychological presence of the murderer are great examples. But in specific scenes, the influence can especially be seen: the discovery of Fran, for instance, brought with it a jump scare and use of the spider to emulate elements of horror.

There's something quite mysterious and also terrifying about a huge, dark and isolated family estate. Buildings like these usually hold secrets and that's certainly the case within Knives Out. Although the true history of the house and its link to the family is made fun of, it feels as if there are ghosts in these corridors.

Of course, an old estate or ancient family home is often used in horror and murder mystery tales, marking the links between the genres once more. Conversely, there's a warmth to the building, from Marta's perspective, selling the image of reading a book by the fireplace during autumnal months.

Plenty of murder mystery shows, films and novels take place across a large span of time, in order to allow the plot to believably develop. Yet, it's also common for the genre to make sure none of the characters leave one location and the story is contained, with the mystery getting solved in a singular night.

Knives Out falls somewhere in between, taking place over a few days. Whereas some mystery movies span time and therefore aren't set specifically in autumn, Knives Out'timeline means the whole film is set during the same period.

Knives Out is essentially built around a family get-together. The initial party, the funeral, the will reading: these are all events that bring this huge and diverse group of characters together and contribute to the range of suspects for Detective Benoit Blanc to question.

Of course, group gatherings like these are usually associated with the end of the year. Thanksgiving and the holiday season reunite families in the same way, with Knives Out almost calling back to some of these chaotic events in everyday life, but with a dark twist.

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