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When Bring It On was released in 2000, many moviegoers enjoyed the fun cheerleading premise and liked watching Torrance try to help her squad win a big competition. While decades have come and gone since it hit theaters, there are many ways that this movie has aged well, from the main story to the characters to the main love story.

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Some parts of the movie stick out and deserve more discussion, like an offensive joke about weight. But from Torrance learning the truth about the squad leader she always looked up to the movie's conclusion, there's a lot about Bring It On that still feels relevant today.

10 The Toros Copying The Clovers's Routine

The Netflix documentary series Cheer portrays cheerleading like Bring It On, as both the series and the 2000 movie talk about difficult routines, the physical and emotional pressure, and competing.

The most memorable part of Bring It On is when Missy takes Torrance to see the team the Clovers. Right away, Tor learns that her team's former captain, Big Red, copied their routines. Tor is shocked and saddened by this discovery, which is the first glimpse that the audience gets that she's a smarter and kinder person than her squad's members might suggest. This scene is just as compelling and upsetting as it was when the movie was released. This storyline allows the movie to talk about race and cultural appropriation.

9 Torrance And Cliff's Romance

A good 2000s teen movie needs a compelling love story that will end with an epic end-of-the-movie kiss and that's exactly what happens with Bring It On. Fans love watching Tor fall in love with Missy's brother Cliff, even if she can't admit it at first, including their adorable scene when they brush their teeth together while flirting.

This relationship has aged well as they are still adorable together and they form a genuine friendship before they finally kiss and begin dating. Cliff can tell that Tor is intelligent and caring and that she needs some time to mature and move on a bit from how all-encompassing cheerleading is, but he's definitely intrigued by her.

8 Missy's Rebellious Attitude

The Toros squad would be pretty dull if it wasn't for Missy, the rebellious new girl who is so talented that the squad members can't help but let her join.

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Missy is a solid character who has aged well, and she makes fans laugh when she tries out for the squad and explains that it was a "last resort" because she would have preferred to join a gymnastics team. Missy is a great check on how snobby the squad is, as she's the complete opposite of them.

7 The Fun Cheerleading Scenes

While there are many Disney cheerleading and dance moviesBring It On will always stand out thanks to the fun, entertaining, and well-executed cheerleading routines.

From the opening sequence when the Toros show off their moves to Tor watching the Clovers, and the big competition at the end of the movie, fans get a chance to see some incredible routines. This movie proves that cheerleading is a true athletic endeavor and that a lot of time and effort goes into the sport.

6 Sparky Polastri's Disappointing Routine

While Tor is excited about hiring Sparky Polastri to come up with a new routine for the movie's cheerleading competition, her dreams are totally crushed when she watches another squad do the exact same routine.

The true disappointment of this moment still holds up and it's one of the most dramatic points in the whole story. Audiences feel badly for Tor, knowing that she thought that she was doing the right thing and that she didn't want to copy anyone. This is a fascinating moment as she realizes that cheerleading is not the be all end all of life as it has brought her a lot of heartache recently.

5 Torrance And Missy's Developing Friendship

Bring It On is a highly rated teen sports movie, but the movie also focuses on the friendship between main character Torrance and new student Missy.

While everyone is wary of Missy and thinks that she's too intense, Torrance and Missy become friends as they bond over the Toros plagiarizing from the Toros. It's sweet watching these characters become good pals and even when people watch this movie today, it still seems like a genuine relationship.

4 The Tension Between Popularity And Doing The Right Thing

Audiences meet Torrance as a popular girl who seems to want that more than anything else. She doesn't seem particularly compassionate and she definitely seems self-absorbed.

As the movie progresses, Tor learns that popularity isn't actually a key part of life, and she gains a lot of perspective through her friendships with Missy and Cliff. Tor hangs on to wanting to be well-liked, but she also wants to stop the cycle of copying and bring the Toros to a new, better place. A character worrying about being popular but also wanting to do the right thing is a common theme in teen movies and TV shows and it works well here.

3 The Big Cheerleading Competition

The cheerleading competition in Bring It On is a huge deal, with Tor preparing her squad for victory and hoping that nothing will go wrong.

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Since this event is the climax of the movie, it would be too bad if it didn't hold up, but thankfully it still feels as exciting as ever. Torrance has a lot of mixed emotions, as she feels guilty about how badly Big Red messed up, and she can't help but want to win.

2 Being Disappointed By An Idol

When the movie opens, Torrance can't imagine ever feeling anything but totally positive about Big Red, who is leaving her in charge of the Toros. She loves the former captain and thinks that it's an honor to follow in her footsteps.

Torrance's discovery of how dishonest and immoral Big Red was is a crushing blow, and it's also one of the most relevant parts of the movie. This works just as well now, and it's one vote in favor of continuing to watch Bring It On in 2021. There are many movies and TV shows about cheerleading but Bring It On's depiction of Big Red's fall from grace is particularly interesting.

1 Tor And Isis's Sweet Moment

While Big Red was absolutely in the wrong, Isis and Tor share a moment at the end of the movie, as Tor congratulates the Clovers on winning first place at the competition.

While it's nice to see these characters getting along, the movie's conclusion brings justice for Isis and the Clovers who deserve nothing but the best because of the horrible way they have been treated. This will always be a satisfying ending.

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