10 Unpopular Opinions About The Far Cry Series, According To Reddit

With Far Cry 6 on the cusp of release, there's no better time to analyze fans' feelings on the series. The first two Far Cry games were fun, but have dwindled in popularity since their release. They laid the foundation for the Far Cry world, but it was Far Cry 3 that defined what the series would be. For this reason, many fans see it as the peak of the franchise.

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Far Cry 4, however, is seen as the installment with the best gameplay. This holds true even if it, unfortunately, has a culturally insensitive antagonist. Far Cry 5 was another well-reviewed installment with a memorable villain. In between the main entries were games like Far Cry: New Dawn and Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. These shorter games have their fans and detractors, as well.

One deleted Redditor started a thread titled, "Far Cry – Unpopular Opinions, let's hear 'em!" They list three opinions they consider unpopular. They say that "FC4 has better gameplay than 3," and that they "actually enjoy radio towers/bell towers," but perhaps the most controversial, that they "liked Pagan Min more than Vaas."

But Vaas from Far Cry 3 tends to be seen as the series' best villain. He may not last the entire game, but he makes a significant and terrifying impact. Meanwhile, Pagan Min has come under fire for being racist and homophobic, as mentioned by CriticalHit. Perhaps Far Cry 6's villain will be one of actor Giancarlo Esposito's best characters and the series will have a new favorite antagonist.

On the same Far Cry unpopular opinions thread, a now-deleted user started by defending Far Cry 4. They then move into their topic of focus. "I think that FC Primal is much better than everyone says, possibly on par with 4 IMO."

Far Cry Primal was a fun diversion for the series, at least in terms of the games' storylines. However, it isn't usually placed in the same league as Far Cry 3 or Far Cry 4, which many fans consider to be the series' peak installments. Apparently, there are a handful of gamers out there who view Primal in a higher light than other fans, but it's still an opinion outside the norm.

They didn't specify on which entry they're referring to, but AGeary wrote, "The collectibles are pointless filler and super annoying on the map." Several others responded to the contrary.

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GammyIsGettingUpset said, "Yet I still collect every single one of them." Another user clarified what the collectibles do: unlock signature weapons. Admittedly, some of the collectibles in Far Cry do feel like padding. But the signature weapons are a fun addition (even if they can be constructed piece-by-piece by the player). They also serve as a reason to find Far Cry 5's hidden locations.

Once a weapon has been obtained in Far Cry, it's always available for the player. This strikes one Redditor as unbelievable. AvarusTyrannus said, "I also never liked the bargain you get on guns...Got a deal for you...buy this vector one time for the low low price of some cracked meth pipes you traded in...I'll give you an unlimited supply of them, buy it once and get as many as you want!"

Another Redditor disagreed, providing their theory that the weapons are stored in the main character's backpack. If the game's weapons system was the way this Redditor wants, Far Cry would be more intense and difficult than it already is. Players would run out of guns and ammunition consistently, rendering the game too difficult to be fun.

Ravi is the voice heard throughout Far Cry 4 whenever the player is in a vehicle. Many gamers found him to be humorous if not also occasionally repetitive. Overall, he's seen as a source of emotional support. One Redditor, though, onelunchman96, does not agree with the consensus. "I hate Ravi, the radio host from FC4, he's so annoying. I turn off the radio whenever he's talking...." It seems that the user is not alone, as another poster then asked how the radio can be turned off.

Even still, Ravi is mostly viewed as a solid comedic supporting character. He also serves the fun purpose of making Kyrat feel like a real place. His radio show is world-building and helps the player get a gist of their overall progress in taking down Pagan Min.

In a list of three unpopular opinions, 1ce9ine said, "Animal attacks are annoying and disruptive to the gameplay and hurt the immersion."

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The animals being annoying or disruptive could be seen as fair points. That being said, though, the animals only increase the immersion in the game's world. The Far Cry games are extremely elaborate, and the wildlife adds to that sense of realism. This Redditor may not like them, but most fans see the animals as a Far Cry staple.

Just like how Far Cry 5 has things fans didn't know were possible, so did Far Cry 4. One now-deleted user said, "I liked how Pagan Min ended up being the better option than the rebels. The twist ending was great as well, Pagan was a horrible person but the country without him plunged into anarchy."

But most fans would say that Pagan Min's actions were as bad, if not worse, than what the player's primary allies (Amita and Sabal) ended up doing with Kyrat. As opposed to choosing Amita or Sabal as the country's next leader, fans can actually choose an outcome where Min is still the ruler. According to the_keymaster_, "Don't leave his place at the beginning of the game. Wait around upstairs for 10-15 minutes." If the player does this, the storyline ends abruptly with the tyrannical Min still in power. From there he continues to torture and murder, proving that he was never a better option.

One user, dusmeyedin, doesn't like the button-smashing sequences in Far Cry's boss battles. "I prefer boss battles to take place in the same sort of context as non-boss battles, so say you fought Vaas in a shootout at his headquarters. I don't like the QuickTime movie 'press this button at the right time to kill the boss' approach."

If this Redditor had their way, the game would lack diversity in its gameplay. While having the boss amongst regular baddies is an interesting notion, the button-smashing sequences bring an intensity to the level that wouldn't have been there otherwise. This is particularly true of Far Cry 3's tattoo-inspiring Vaas.

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