10 Unpopular Opinions About Doom Patrol, According To Reddit

Fans of Doom Patrol may enjoy a good debate as much as any other fandom, and unpopular opinions are a great conversation starter. Reddit is a treasure trove of unpopular opinions, and Doom Patrol is no exception to that.

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The unpopular opinions on Reddit range from characters, to seasons, to the show's place in the DC Universe. A fan shares their belief that Rita is boring, another that the season finales don't work well, and the belief that Titans is better comes up as well. While viewers may differ in how they perceive the show, they all share the same love and devotion for Doom Patrol that is echoed by their passionate comments on Reddit.

10 Season 2 Is Bland

DavidRoth9876 says in "Doom Patrol," "I find season 2 a bit unfocused... [the weirdness] feels like more of an overused gag that begs for the same reaction each time... I see the problem brewing: the show perceivably acknowledges that it's a bit lost and directionless amongst all the weirdness."

There are 38 upvotes total for season 2 being "not as good." That seems like a lot, but the upvotes for it being a good or great season (with multiple comments calling it better than season 1) add up to 75. While these totals suggest the reception of Doom Patrol's 2nd season is mixed, it proves the season is anything but bland. Most Redditors responded with minor gripes about the 2nd season, with Torley_ pointing out that the weirdness actually leads to the show's heart.

9 The Show Won't Make It Past Season 3

In a case of an opinion not aging well, an anonymous user said three years ago in "DC Doom Patrol," "Doom Patrol will likely get canceled by its 3rd season because a majority of its viewers pirate the series." The wait for season 3 of Doom Patrol is over, and the show was just renewed for a 4th season on HBO Max.

What the user was likely referring to was Doom Patrol originally being on DC Universe, before HBO Max launched. All DC movies and shows on DC Universe eventually moved to Max, even originals like Doom Patrol. Being on HBO Max was enough reason to believe the show could keep going, but the official announcement of season 4 seals the deal.

8 The Season Finales Are Boring

In "DC Doom Patrol," Numbercinco00 says, "It seems that each season builds up to something great but has lackluster season finales." Season 1 ended with the Doom Patrol trapping Mr. Nobody in a painting, and season 2 ended on a cliffhanger of the Candlemaker taking over Dorothy.

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SonOfECTGAR points out that season 2 ended abruptly because of Covid. Even then, it had a big cliffhanger with the Candlemaker. And in season 1, Mr. Nobody may have ended up in a painting, but the team struggled against him for the better part of 15 episodes. And they think they defeat him at one point, only for it to be revealed as an illusion from Mr. Nobody. These episodes are worth the excitement built up by their respective seasons.

7 Titans Is Better

In "DC Comics," Woodwonk says, "I started watching Titans and have found I like it way more than Doom Patrol. Neither show is perfect but Titans has a good amount of action and slightly less angst (but only [slightly])."

While fans seem to enjoy Titans, the response to Doom Patrol is better. The original post had no upvotes, but the comments saying Doom Patrol is better totaled 27 upvotes. And while Titans has a solid 86% on Rotten Tomatoes, Doom Patrol sits with an impressive 97%. Fans and critics have made their pick known.

6 Beast Boy Should Be In Cyborg's Place

In "Doom Patrol," Iamkilroy54 says, "Beast Boy should be in the main show, not Cyborg." Beast Boy/Gar is played by Ryan Potter in Titans, which Doom Patrol originally spun off of. In Titans season 1, Gar is shown as being in the Doom Patrol. He then leaves and joins the Titans. While some cast members from that episode are in Doom Patrol, the Arrowverse's "Crisis on Infinite Earths" establishes that Titans and Doom Patrol take place on separate Earths.

While the characters of Gar and Cyborg could easily work as part of either team, these particular iterations of them fit perfectly in their respective shows. And if it was a different iteration of Beast Boy in Doom Patrol, it would be a missed opportunity to use another character than Titans.

5 There Are Too Many Flashbacks

J9AC9K says in "DC Doom Patrol," "There are too many flashbacks." The show uses flashbacks to show the characters' histories pre and post-meta powers. The flashbacks of respective characters haven't been shown in chronological order either, much like the flashbacks in Lost.

The flashbacks flesh out the great characters. It's important to see what happened with Larry and his family, with Jane and her traumatic experiences, and with Cliff being the terrible person he was before. Flashbacks also explain organizations that only Doom Patrol comic fans may know of, like the Brotherhood of Evil. And to put these flashbacks before the present-day scenes would completely throw off the pace of the show.

4 Rita Is Boring

In "DC Doom Patrol," Kualian shares their point of view that "Rita is kind of super boring. Just really wish she’d get written better." Rita has been shown trying to control her powers, dealing with memories of her mother, and showing lots of care for her friend Larry.

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J9AC9K responds, "Rita is my jam. I love her speech [effect] and mannerisms. I [hope] she keeps developing." That response had 5 times more likes than the original post. The original comment is already a little questionable, as they're categorizing Rita as only "kind of" super boring. But there's been a lot of development for Rita, and she's become a complex character.

3 Cyborg Isn't A Good Character

YControhl says in "DC Doom Patrol," "Cyborg is a drag... he doesn't fit at all with the rest of the characters." Cyborg is the last member to join the new Doom Patrol, and he's had his powers for a much shorter time than the rest of the team.

As F00dbAby points out, Cyborg has trauma and parental issues, like everyone else in the show. The others are often trying to process relationships (for good or bad), like Cliff with his daughter, Rita with her mother, Jane with her father, and Larry with his son. Vic does the same with his father. Cyborg's unique powers also help keep Doom Patrol informed on missions. He also gels quite well with the team, proving he's anything but a drag.

2 Cyborg Should've Killed Silas

In "DC Doom Patrol," Josphitia says, "They should have gone all the way and had Cyborg kill his pops. The entire time you're thinking that Cyborg's mom's death and his turning into Cyborg was his 'tragic backstory'... But it would only be at the end of the season that in actuality the entire season was his tragic backstory." Cyborg nearly killed his father, Silas, in season 1.

What makes this unpopular is that Vic goes through enough for his tragic backstory as it is. He blames himself for his mom's death, he has tech replacing body parts, and he feels like a freak among other people. Vic is tricked into attacking his dad by Mr. Nobody, and he briefly thinks he really killed him. That moment is another heavy chapter to Cyborg's story, but it would've been too much for him to have killed Silas.

1 Larry Is A Bad Character Because Of His Relationship

In a particularly bad take, 3sum208 says in "Doom Patrol," "His drawn-out relationship story ruined season 1. We get it, he's gay, he's special... I'm not homophobic, but that whole relationship was cringe." Larry was in a relationship with John in the '60s before his plane crash, and Larry is still trying to process it in the present day.

The Redditor notably doesn't complain about any straight characters' relationships, but they're happy to tear down Larry's. And right after the user mocks Larry for being gay, they then say they don't hate him for being gay. Larry's a well-written character, and his former relationship informs much of who his character is. Needless to say, this unpopular opinion isn't shared by many fans or critics, who have both praised this aspect of the show.

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