10 Things That Need To Happen In The Final Season Of Walking Dead: World Beyond

After just a single season, The Walking Dead: World Beyond, one of several spin-offs to The Walking Dead, will be coming to an end after season 2. There's still a lot of story to tell, however, as the group of teenagers finally faces the terrifying world outside their campus walls, trying desperately to not only survive but also discover what is really going on with the Civic Republic Military (CRM).

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With so many shocking moments in season one of The Walking Dead: World Beyond, it's clear that no one really knows who to trust. And with the group now split up, in different places as season two begins, fans have a lot of questions and ideas about what they want to see happen before the show ends.

With Hope separated from her sister, she is only hearing one side of the story from Elizabeth, who is feeding her lies about what really happened at the campus. As a highly intelligent person, Hope probably suspects there are some mistruths. But her focus on survival, being reunited with her father, and staying safe might cloud her judgment.

It's important that, before the series ends, Hope finds out what really happened to all her old friends, teachers, and acquaintances from the campus, and that it was the CRM that was behind the events for selfish reasons, not the pending threat of a hoard of walkers.

Promos tease the existence of Jadis at the CRM for season two, so it's a certainty she will appear at some point. Does this mean there's potential for other crossover characters? Showrunners have confirmed that Rick Grimes will not be in the season, despite plenty of hilarious "Where's Rick" Walking Dead memes hoping for an answer as to what he has been up to all this time. But other possibilities include Heath, who disappeared from The Walking Dead with little explanation, Althea from Fear the Walking Dead, who knows about the CRM and has a friend there, and perhaps even Michonne, who was last seen on The Walking Dead heading off to look for Rick.

It would be a welcome surprise if a character who has appeared on one of the other shows has a cameo in the final season of World Beyond.

Despite appearing reasonable and calm, for the most part, Elizabeth is clearly the primary antagonist of the season. As the lieutenant colonel of the CRM, she might have good intentions but has a terrible moral compass. She is willing to do whatever it takes to serve her purpose and to further society, in her eyes.

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It would be fitting for Elizabeth to be eliminated by the end of the series, though she would have to go out in very poetic fashion. In this sense, it might be fitting for Huck to be the one to do it, realizing who her true family is in the final moments.

By the end of season 1, the group was apart, Hope and Huck together with Elizabeth, Silas captured by the CRM but kept separated from them, Iris and Felix together in hiding with Felix's boyfriend Will, and Elton's whereabouts completely unknown.

This is a common theme within all The Walking Dead shows, where characters from the main group separate then come back together at some point. While it could be interesting for the show to explore separate stories for each character right to the end, fans want to see everyone back together at some point.

One of the most likable characters that fans felt sympathetic towards was Silas, the troubled young boy who felt like an outcast at school and dealt with plenty of trauma in his personal life. While the jury is out on what kind of person he truly is, with Silas' temper being the worst thing about him on The Walking Dead: World Beyond, he appears to have a heart of gold but is just misunderstood.

Fans want to see Silas find happiness by the end with a solid group of friends and even a leadership position wherever he ends up.

Huck struggles with her closeness to Felix and Hope and her obligation to the CRM and her mother. It's clear at some point she will have to choose. It was shown in flashbacks when she killed her friend to save a group of innocent people that, even when faced with a difficult decision, Huck isn't afraid to make one. She will do what's best for the greater good.

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With that said, fans still don't know which side Huck would choose. Fans hope in the end, she chooses the right one.

Through the latter half of season one, Iris was working to decode a lengthy message from the CRM. It was Hope, in the end, who was able to learn through partial decoding that there was a mission to secure an "asset," which was later discovered to be Hope. She also decoded a message that said the other four were expendable.

In the premiere episode of season 2, Iris is seen still trying to decode the rest, line by line, word by word. Fans want to see what the entire message is by the end of the series.

Fans want to know where Elton and Percy are, and how Elton is dealing with his fears of being out in the world along with the new knowledge that Hope is the one who shot and killed his mother.

He was last seen frantically trying to save a dying Percy from a bullet wound when he learned that it was Huck who not only shot him, but also killed Tony. Elton, one of the characters fans love from The Walking Dead: World Beyond, has gone through a lot so his character will be one to watch.

Fans want to believe that Leo, Iris and Hope's dad, is one of the good guys and isn't aware of the awful things the CRM is doing, or at least doesn't agree with them. There was some indication of his ignorance in season one when, speaking with his girlfriend Lyla, he expressed concern about mysterious things that had been happening, like his teammate having left under suspicious circumstances.

It would be a massive twist if Leo turned out to be a villain. Nonetheless, fans want to know more about that character before the series ends, including how far he has come with his research, what he knows, if he's actually safe, and how close he is to finding a cure.

The big question fans need an answer to before The Walking Dead: World Beyond is over, which could have implications for the other shows in the TWD universe as well, is what the CRM's true mission is and how they plan to achieve it. It seems they are hoping to create a new world order, of sorts, keeping assets who can help with scientific research to rebuild a new society, and find a cure for the virus that turns the dead into flesh-eating zombies. However, one of the things that doesn't make sense about The Walking Dead: World Beyond is why Elizabeth would eliminate a community full of intelligent, hard-working, and potentially brilliant young students who represent such a future, all for the sake of one young woman who is supposed to be a genius.

This has been a question on fans' minds since the existence of the CRM was first hinted on other shows. It's a delicate balance as the show needs to wrap up in a sensical way without ruining any potential storylines for the other series. Nonetheless, there needs to be a big reveal.

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