10 Things All Real Housewives Fans Do, According To Reddit

Just as it is for any movie series or long-running show, The Real Housewives has a community of fans who dedicate their time to learning everything they can about the franchise. Each city has its time to shine on the Bravo network as they film in shifts. And when those episodes premiere, fans are more than ready for the event.

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Each Real Housewives fan has their own ritual for how they watch their favorite city. Some watch while snacking, while others do their own above-and-beyond Housewives research. Every Housewives fan has a guilty pleasure when it comes to this beloved series and they're not alone in their fascination.

10 Finding Out What Designer They're Wearing (And How Much The Outfit Costs)

Every woman in The Real Housewives realm has iconic outfits considering they know they're being filmed and their appearance is everything. And each housewife has their own unique style that fans either love or hate.

MDMSLL went to Reddit to share that they "...can't resist looking up an outfit a Housewife looks effortlessly great in." Those who do the same all added their two cents and their favorite blogs where they can mimic the look that they saw on TV.

9 Restaurant & Resort Recommendations

Every season — no matter the city — typically has a vacation or getaway for the housewives to go on. Getting the women outside of their comfort zones and in a different space or culture makes great reality television.

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The Real Housewives of Orange County, in particular, has had some eye-catching vacations over the years because the series has been on the longest. Along with the vacations come the resorts and restaurants. ShiningOnTheSea wrote, "I look up the restaurants they go to and the resorts." In response, others chimed in and noted they scan the restaurant's menus and pick what they would eat if they ever go there.

8 The Hotels They Sleep At (And Their Ratings)

It's not just the resorts, restaurants, and vacation destinations that Housewives fans look at it's the hotels they stay in as well.

BeeBeeBooBooBeeBoo told Reddit, "I love checking out Yelp reviews and Expedia rates for the hotels." In this case, the Redditor loved searching the hotels that the women of RHONY vacationed in, but others jumped on the bandwagon, noting they do the same for other franchises.

7 Family Connections

Some housewives are self-made, some married wealthy, and some come from family money. No matter how they came into their status, their lifestyles are all envied by viewers.

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VaguelyArtistic noted that one of their biggest Housewives rituals is Googling familial connections to the housewives. "I like to search Wikipedia or Google to find out what kinds of family connections and influence these people have had," they wrote. Some housewives, like the Richards sisters, grew up in the spotlight, thus having their personal life in the public eye for years. Others, however, have a more private family life.

6 Which Accessories Are Real And Which Are Fake

Even though these housewives are wealthy and have fabulous connections to the fashion industry, there are plenty who are accused of wearing knockoff designs. There's even an Instagram account called @TheRealBadFashions that calls out the housewives from time to time when they use knockoff designs instead of paying full price.

With that being said, BlackTalkSquirrel said their ritual is, "Peeping their handbags, who is working a trend, classicly styled or carrying a fake."

5 Which Housewives Rent Their Clothes

With the housewives being critically judged for everything they do, say, and wear, they need thick skin (and an iconic stylist) to make it out alive.

DCRealityFan said, "I always wonder if their outfits are rented. I only watch Potomac and [Beverly Hills]. Dorit can’t possibly own all of her outfits." And while Real Housewives fans support Dorit Kemsley, she's been rumored on Reddit to use companies like Rent the Runway, in which customers can rent an outfit, return it, and do it over again so that they never repeat a look. SequinedBow continued this thought and mentioned that "the Kardashians have made an entire business out of selling dresses they only wore once," which is where some housewives could possibly get all their looks.

4 Housewives And The Zodiac

Whenever a housewife celebrates her birthday on the show, some fans can't help but Google their astrological sign to see which housewife their zodiac matches.

GenderScout told Reddit, "I look up their astrological signs." Those with similar rituals then chimed in which housewives they share birthdays with and who they're most like in regards to the zodiac. Other Redditors were even inspired by the housewives when it came to naming their children, based on their favorites in the series.

3 Before And After

It's rare to find a housewife who hasn't had plastic surgery done over the course of their time on the show or from their younger years to the present. But with plastic surgery being expensive, most housewives get it after their first successful year on The Real Housewives when they're richer.

One Redditor agrees that it's intriguing to see what certain housewives looked like before they became famous. "I like looking at pictures of them when they were younger and seeing what surgery they had," they said. Others agreed and said they did the same thing.

2 Make A Night Of It!

Whether it's a Real Housewives podcast or a city in the franchise, fans enjoy watching and learning about their favorite housewives while doing something relaxing.

Spirited-Ad-9686 said, "I like to watch my [Housewives] shows with a glass of wine while I’m taking a bubble bath" when it came to their weekly ritual. Likewise, Amp5181 makes an entire night of it, grabbing their favorite cookies, sweatpants, and sometimes a "charcuterie board" before diving into the latest drama.

1 Where The Housewives Live And The Distance It Takes Them To Get Places

One of the more intriguing parts of The Real Housewives is the homes they live in. Some of these housewives live in the most incredibly expensive homes that fans can't get enough of. Because of their vast wealth, some fans research how much their homes are worth and how far they are from the places they visit on the show.

NeededAUsername121 wrote, "I love going on their county property records and looking up how much their house cost." Another Redditor chimed in, "I look up the distances between places and how long it takes them to drive there." Regardless of the city, Housewives fans all have their own fun, special rituals.

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