10 MCU Characters We'd Like To See Featured In The Comics

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is home to plenty of characters, both from the source material and original to the movies. Often, when a hero or villain is featured on the big and small screen, the comic books try to reflect the rise in popularity. Yet there's plenty of characters who have not made a huge impact in Marvel Comics.

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Whether they haven't had their own title or maybe aren't even featured in any ongoing issues currently, these characters deserve more recognition in the comic books for their work in the MCU. Of course, there are always new projects in the works, so that could change at any time.

FitzSimmons is perhaps one of the most believable and loveable couples in the MCU. Although Fitz might have doubled as the villain the Doctor in Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. the two also work as the leading scientific minds in their fields. They have been with the covert organization for quite some time.

Both characters have actually made their debut in the comics, with the duo aiding S.H.I.E.L.D. in a very similar capacity as they would on screen. But these beloved icons of the small screen deserve a lot more attention, with the Doctor personality also providing further narrative potential. They have been forgotten about in the comics for some time.

Korg has shot into the fan's hearts thanks to his hilarious quotes across the MCU. The character might have made his debut as a friend to Thor and a fighter in the arenas of Sakaar, but in the comics, his history is a little more complex. He is actually an ally to Hulk.

Introduced largely during the Planet Hulk narrative, he would also attack Earth in World War Hulk. Korg isn't used in the same comedic way in the source material and while there's always a chance that this can change, for now, most fans prefer the MCU iteration. It would be great to see a new version of Korg written to reflect what MCU fans know.

Darcy Lewis is an original character in the MCU and a close friend to Jane Foster. Although she previously appeared in the Thor franchise, she has risen to popularity once more thanks to her role in WandaVisionShe is one of the greatest scientific minds in the Marvel Universe.

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The character has since been introduced in the comics, although largely in MCU tie-ins rather than Earth-616 canon. The character has so much potential though and could certainly be a useful ally for any hero in need of scientific know-how. She deserves a bigger spotlight thanks to her great sense of humor alone.

Sylvie is a newer variant of Loki but one that is actually based on a comic book character. Loosely tied to the Enchantress, Sylvie is a complicated protagonist in the source material and one that's been changed for the screen. She's certainly built up a legion of fans though.

The complexity of the Loki variation is rife with storytelling potential. The Sylvie of the comics should definitely be featured more and perhaps brought further in line with what audiences were familiar with on-screen, while still maintaining the integrity of that original teenager from Oklahoma. However, it would be great to see this original variant make her debut as well.

Agatha Harkness has traditionally been a mentor to Wanda Maximoff and a wielder of ancient magic. The character has also been largely portrayed as a protagonist, but WandaVision flipped the script, with Harkness manipulating Wanda as she warped reality. Agatha is sure to turn up again in the future.

Agatha has become more popular than ever and should perhaps make a comeback in the comics. She is often written as far older than in the show, but it's possible that she gets a magical makeover so that fans can line up the MCU and the source material, or perhaps even have this Harkness arrive from another reality. The premise of this character alone allows for so many more conflicts to be explored on the page.

Harley Keener was another original creation of the MCU, crossing paths with Tony Stark in Iron Man 3The young inventor was a genius and although it seemed that kid Iron Man would suit up one day, that hasn't actually happened on screen so far.

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The comics have introduced the character recently though and he's even using Stark tech. W.E.B. Of Spider-Man gives the character a slightly new backstorym but the essence of Harley is still there. Marvel should feature him far more going forward and perhaps even on screen in Armor Wars

Kraglin is largely an MCU creation, a member of the Ravagers who has now inherited Yondu's famous fin. The character was introduced as comic relief but has already had an interesting arc, one that's ultimately led to a brief appearance in the comic books.

There are a few changes to the version seen on the page, including his alien origins. But fans appreciate the role that Kraglin plays in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies and considering he has future MCU appearances lined up, it would be great to see the character get a spot on the team in the comics.

Claire Temple is a practicing medical official in the comics, but the Temple seen in the Netflix section of the MCU puts herself in danger far more often and is a lot more aligned with the superhero community. She is known for patching up supers when they get injured in battle.

The comic books have her in a supporting role at best, and while she is brilliant at her job and has helped out heroes, she doesn't hold the same narrative gravitas as she does on screen. The character is definitely worth more attention and should get used more in the comics, especially if she makes her way to Disney+ soon in a rumored Netflix Daredevil revival.

Luis is definitely a fan favorite. The best friend of Scott Lang and a character with plenty of comedic charm, although the Ant-Man ally hasn't been featured much on the big-screen he has definitely earned himself a much larger spot in the comic books.

Luis has appeared on Earth-616 as a prison mate to Ant-Man before, but this was a very limited use of the character. He helps to build out Scott's crew in the MCU and could serve a similar purpose in the traditional Marvel Comics. At the very least he can be brought back for a comedy series.

Melina May is another creation of Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. with the character even having her own alias as the Cavalry. May is a noble warrior who has been through a lot during her time with the organization. She made a small appearance on Earth-616 in the past.

While a character like Coulson is being continually used since, it's rare to see May in the action. Her team-up with Mockingbird was definitely inspired, but the character can offer up so much more. Out of every hero or villain in the list, May could actually boast her own title.

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