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The Princess Diaries is a feel-good movie that transcends time, age, and gender. With an empowering message and themes any person can get behind, this early 2000s Disney film is a bona fide classic, and for good reason.

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One of those reasons is its cast of characters whom fans can't help but love. While The Princess Diaries does lean into some tropes from its time — namely the unlikable popular clique — most of the characters are beloved by the fandom, with the very best standing out thanks to their humor, intelligence, and kindness.

Jeremiah Hart is a teen of few words in The Princess Diaries. Despite having so few lines, Jeremiah is still a standout character in the first film of the franchise, and not just because of his flaming red hair.

Jeremiah is a magician in training, which makes for amusing scenes in which he performs little tricks like finding a coin in Lilly's hair. Lilly, not missing a beat, of course, tells him she's not a vending machine. Fans wouldn't have this hilarious line without Jeremiah's antics, and that's why he deserves a spot on a list of The Princess Diaries' best characters.

Sandra Oh's performance as Vice Principal Gupta has stood the test of time and is still remembered fondly in today's pop-culture lexicon. It's understandable why the scene in which she answers the phone and says, "Gupta. Mhm. Mhm. Mhm. The queen is coming," is one of the most iconic.

Like Lilly, Vice Principal Gupta isn't afraid to tell it how it is, whether it be scoffing at the cheerleaders for scattering away from the baseball or apologizing to the queen for the school's lack of fine china. She's a silly character — there's that scene in which she imitated the queen's hand-on-the-chin pose — but with a grandiose air that's fun to watch no matter the scene.

Lilly Moscovitz is a fun character. In her friendship with Mia, she's the go-getter out of the two. She's brash and is quick to say what's on her mind, which can sometimes be hurtful and unhelpful to a situation. However, she has good intentions and fans can relate to her flaws.

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No fan would forget the scene in which Lilly chases after Mia yelling, "Wait for me! Wait for me!" only for two random characters to turn toward her and she tells them, "Not you!" It's safe to say Lilly isn't just a fun character, but a funny one.

Fan theories about The Princess Diaries abound, but one fact remains true: The fandom should sing more of Anita Harbula's praises. Mia's gym teacher is one of Mia's bigger supporters at the school, always pushing her to challenge herself and grow as a person.

Though she tends to be more of a tough-love kind of supporter, it's clear that she's rooting for Mia and has her best interests at heart. For example, when reporters swarm Mia at the beach party, Mrs. Harbula is the only person to actually help her. That's not to mention how Mrs. Harbula isn't shy about congratulating Mia on her wins.

Queen Clarice sure knows how to pick her staff. As the queen's assistant and right-hand woman, Charlotte Kutaway probably has a lot on her plate, yet viewers never cease to see her taking it all in stride.

Charlotte is kind, gracious, and warm. She immediately welcomes Mia and oversees her lessons with Queen Clarice without judgment. Charlotte is exactly the type of person any fan would want on their side should a mysterious relative ever summon them to a grand estate with an invitation to be a royal.

Helen Thermopolis definitely joins the list of cool moms. As an artist, she's more of a free spirit, which is fun to watch on-screen as she rock climbs and throws darts at balloons of paint with Mia.

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Besides being certified fun, Helen also never fails to be there for Mia, the true essence of a cool mom. She lends an ear when Mia needs to rant or talk a problem through, and she offers sound advice. Ultimately, Helen just wants what's best for Mia and is there to support her no matter what. Fans can't help but love her.

Mia's story arc in The Princess Diaries may contain a plot hole or two, but she remains quite beloved by most of the fandom. Her clumsiness is largely endearing and arguably more realistic in its portrayal than other clumsy characters.

Mia balances between being relatable to fans while also being presented the opportunity to live everyone's dreams. While some might have taken advantage of being named the crown princess of a small country, Mia takes on the role humbly and remains true to herself despite acquiring fame, riches, and stunning tiaras basically overnight.

Every song on The Princess Diaries soundtrack is a bop, yet it's a real crime that Prime Minister Motaz's vocals aren't more prominently featured. In addition to lending his operatic baritone to the film, Prime Minister Motaz and his wife Mrs. Motaz also appear in one of the most heartwarmingly silly scenes of The Princess Diaries.

This scene is, of course, the dinner in which Mia takes too large of a bite of the frozen mint refresher and immediately suffers for it. Without missing a beat, the Prime Minister and Mrs. Motaz mimic Mia's blunder so that she isn't the only one floundering at the table. These two characters truly have hearts of gold.

Fans are in agreement that Queen Clarice is one of the most beloved characters to emerge from The Princess Diaries. While this is largely thanks to being played by legendary actor Julie Andrews, Queen Clarice is still a pretty likable character on her merits.

Every scene with Queen Clarice is full of her jovial spirit, and while it's obvious from the beginning that she loves Mia, Clarice goes on her own growth journey in the film, making her all the more lovable. In addition, Queen Clarisse is a wealth of knowledge and royal lessons many fans still learn from to this day.

Joe has some of the best lines in both The Princess Diaries and The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement. Between deadpan jokes such as, "This is a non-riot hearse. And if it were a hearse there would be silence in the backseat," and, "I have never put on pantyhose before, but it sounds dangerous," Joe gives Mia sound advice and support.

At one point, Joe says one of the movie's most important lines, telling Mia, "Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent." Every fan needs a Joe in their life.

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