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One of the things players tend to love most about Stardew Valley is the depth and variety of the game's NPCs. As of the release of Stardew Valley's 1.5 update in December 2020, ConcernedApe has introduced players to 45 characters, each with their own aspirations and inner turmoil for players to discover.

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Of course, some Stardew Valley NPCs have more substance than others. Some NPCs offer players the ability to develop a romance, while others simply pop into the game for a few moments here and there. Some NPCs are sure to become good friends with players very quickly and will offer hidden narratives and farming tips that ultimately enhance the overall experience.

10 Emily

While Emily's sister, Haley, is known to be one of the rudest NPCs in Stardew Valley, Emily is easily one of the sweetest characters players are exposed to during their time in Pelican Town. Emily is an aspiring tailor who is very fond of crystals and meditation. However, like many of the residents of Pelican Town, Emily has trouble following her dreams due to material scarcities and other troubles that are present in Stardew Valley's easiest quests. Therefore, Emily works part-time at the Stardrop Saloon to subsidize her fashion ventures. Despite her financial troubles, Emily gives gifts to players freely and is always eager to engage in conversation.

9 Shane

Shane is one of the most complicated NPCs in Stardew Valley. Not everybody who meets the surly resident may have the patience to befriend him, but players who get to interact with him usually develop a close bond. Shane is one of the most difficult NPCs to befriend, as he is incredibly cold during his early interactions with players.

However, as players get to know Shane more deeply, they will discover that Shane deals with serious mental health issues and wants nothing more than to live a simple life with his loved ones: Marnie (his aunt), Jas (his goddaughter), his chickens, and even the player if they choose to become close with this introverted bachelor. A player's patience is thus rewarded when it comes to interacting with Shane.

8 Harvey

Most of the marriage candidates in Stardew Valley are on the younger side, and players are expected to follow along as their prospective partners grow to achieve their dreams. However, Harvey is one of the few older bachelors in the game, and therefore is a bit farther along in his professional life.

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Harvey demonstrates a number of passions and hobbies as players befriend him, but ultimately he has already achieved his goals by becoming the primary physician for all the residents of Pelican Town. Harvey cares so much for others that he often forgets to take care of himself. Players with a fondness for Harvey will quickly discover that a cup of coffee goes a long way in earning his affection.

7 Marnie

Players who love animals are sure to get along well with Marnie, the owner of Marnie's Ranch. This bucolic abode is the primary place for players to acquire livestock and the supplies needed to care for their animals. Unsurprisingly, Marnie is one of the most knowledgeable NPCs when it comes to the ranching side of farm life. Players who begin to develop a friendship with Marnie will quickly discover that Marnie leads a very complicated life. Getting to know Marnie may actually be one of the best ways to unravel a number of hidden secrets and interesting things to do in Stardew Valley.

6 Jodi

Like the other mothers in the game, Jodi is one of the friendlier NPCs players will encounter during their first days in Pelican Town. Jodi is a dedicated homemaker who spends most of her day shopping, cooking, and cleaning so she can provide a comfortable life for her husband and their two sons. J

odi will happily open her home to players who take some time to get to know her, offering homecooked meals in exchange for fresh fish or crops, a key element in Stardew Valley. While Caroline is Jodi's best friend by default, players can quickly work their way into Jodi's social circle and be rewarded with farming tips that will help the player in the long run.

5 Krobus

Krobus is an incredibly unique NPC that players may encounter in the game. As one of the hidden things in Stardew Valley, Krobus is a shadow person living in the sewers of Pelican Town, and the only NPC that players can have as a roommate without being married. While Krobus is the same species as the Shadow Brutes found in the Mines, Krobus is entirely peaceful and devoted to his faith. According to Krobus, his name means "bridge-crosser," which makes sense seeing as he is a metaphorical "bridge" between the player and the shadow people.

4 Sam

Unsurprisingly, Jodi's son Sam has been raised to be just as friendly as his mom, if not friendlier. While Sam is clearly an adult seeing as he is one of the twelve marriage candidates in Stardew Valley, he is one of the most youthful NPCs in the game. Sam's primary hobbies are video games, skateboarding, and making music with his band.

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While some players may find Sam's energy to be a bit overwhelming, it's hard to deny that Sam is one of the sweetest residents of Pelican Town. Whether players are searching for a loyal friend or a cheerful spouse to keep on the farm, Sam is an undeniably wonderful addition to the game.

3 Abigail

Abigail is a feisty young woman living with her parents, Caroline and Pierre, in the house attached to the back of Pierre's General Store. Much like Sam, Abigail is a marriage candidate who acts a bit young. Abigail seems to struggle to maintain a positive relationship with her parents while striving to be herself.

Abigail's mother, Caroline, often shares her concerns with the player over Abigail's hobbies. However, Abigail is determined to live authentically, never wavering in her choices to pursue her passions. Abigail makes a great friend or spouse for players who value authenticity.

2 Linus

Much like Krobus, Linus is a bit of an outcast compared to the other residents of Pelican Town. Linus is slow to trust players, as he has often been mistreated by the villagers. However, players who do manage to earn Linus's trust will learn quite a bit about surviving in the wild parts of Stardew Valley. Linus values sustainability and strives to remain in touch with nature at all times. Whether he is foraging for blackberries or showering in the rain, players will always find Linus enjoying a life free from the typical constraints of civilization.

1 Evelyn (aka Granny)

Players will realize immediately upon their first encounter with Evelyn that she is a wonderful, grandmotherly presence to have around. In the player's first conversation with Evelyn, she invites the player to call her "Granny," and she continues to treat everyone in Pelican Town as a part of her family.

Evelyn's warm personality is a bit surprising, considering the surliness of her husband, George, and the general arrogance of her grandson, Alex. However, players who trust Evelyn's judgment enough to immerse themselves in her family's history will eventually discover why this sweet old woman holds her abrasive loved ones so dear.

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