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With cool weather, a spooky atmosphere, and tons of candy, Halloween is a favorite time of the year, and it's also a perfect moment to revisit some themed episodes of favorite TV shows. Since the 1990s was a beloved decade for TV shows about teenagers, it makes sense that this genre would feature many Halloween storylines. This scary and fun holiday offers up the perfect opportunity for high schoolers to dress up and hope that something magical happens.

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From teen sitcoms to dramas, these Halloween episodes are totally entertaining and will make anyone who grew up in the '90s feel nostalgic about this period.

10 Boy Meets World: "And Then There Was Shawn" (S5, E17)

Boy Meets World is a fan favorite show thanks to its sweet characters, funny storylines, and the way that Cory and his pals care about Mr. Feeny. The Halloween episode from season 5 is it's the highest rated Boy Meets World episode and features Cory, Shawn, and Topanga in detention while a killer is in the school.

Everyone remembers watching this exciting episode and seeing the words "no one gets out alive" on the classroom's chalkboard. The younger audiences watching this at the time were definitely scared, and looking back on the episode, the tone is creepy and wonderfully campy.

9 Freaks And Geeks: "Tricks And Treats" (S1, E3)

Freaks And Geeks is the perfect show to talk about Halloween, as the teenage characters are divided into cool and uncool, and they all have strong feelings about this holiday.

Lindsey's storyline is the most relatable here, as her mom wants her to give kids candy, but she sneaks out so she can hang out with Kim, Daniel, and Nick. Sam also has a sweet plot and convinces Bill and Neil to trick-or-treat so they can maintain their childhood innocence. Anyone re-watching this episode will remember the feeling that anything could happen on October 31st.

8 Dawson's Creek: "The Scare" (S1, E11)

Dawson's Creek has two Halloween episodes, and season 1's stands out, as Dawson is a horror movie addict and he likes pranking Joey each year. In this episode, a real serial killer is out there, and Jen gets a phone call from him but thinks that it's just Dawson being silly.

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Like the teen drama itself, this episode is cheesy but also compelling, and when Pacey asks a stranger to hang out with the group, fans can't help but feel freaked out about what's going to happen. Ultimately, this episode is pretty innocent, but Joey does have a run-in with the killer and realizes how close she came.

7 Beverly Hills 90210: "Halloween" (S2, E13)

The season 2 Beverly Hills 90210 Halloween episode features some common elements of October 31st, as Emily and Brandon go trick-or-treating with her nephew and niece, and the others go to a costume party. The story has an important message as well as Kelly wears a sexy costume and someone hits on her.

There's a lot to love about this show, from the Kelly/Dylan/Brenda love triangle to the treatment of teen issues, and this episode is fun to watch but also talks about something that matters. This episode also highlights the personality types of the friend group, as Donna is shown to be ditzy one again as she wears a mermaid costume that she can't breathe or move in, and Steve is Zorro and tries to have some fun.

6 Sister, Sister: "Halloween" (S3, E7)

The classic '90s show Sister, Sister features many charming storylines about the teen sisters who finally find each other after years not knowing about one another.

The season 3 Halloween-themed episode might include a corny lesson, but there's still something sweet and relatable about it. Tia and Tamara sneak out of the house, steal Ray's car, and hope to head for a party. The night is a total disaster when they're on the TV news for being at the Canadian/American border. Everyone remembers being a high schooler and feeling desperate for freedom and that feeling is definitely evident here.

5 Sabrina the Teenage Witch: "A Halloween Story" (S1, E5)

Sabrina The Teenage Witch is a favorite '90s teen sitcom and Sabrina is an endearing, hilarious character who both loves and loathes having magical powers.

When October 31st rolls around, Sabrina has two interesting storylines. In one plot that tugs at the heartstrings, she is able to chat with her grandmother, who passed away, for one hour because that's the magic of Halloween. In the other plot, Sabrina creates a clone to go to a family party and her clone runs naked outside of Harvey's house. This show is always funny and impactful and this episode strikes that balance as well.

4 My So-Called Life: "Halloween" (S1, E9)

Known for main character Angela's clever quotes and intense but relatable storylines, it makes sense that My So-Called Life's Halloween episode would be particularly well-crafted.

My So Called Life's characters find a lot of meaning in their everyday experiences and this holiday is no different. Angela sees the ghost of former student Nicky Driscoll and is motivated to inspire Jordan to have more self-confidence at school. The costumes here are fun, as Angela dresses up as an old-fashioned student and her younger sister Danielle dresses up as a spot-on impression of Angela. Their parents go to a costume party and rediscover their love and lust for each other, which is funny as well.

3 Party Of Five: "Personal Demons" (S3, E7)

Claudia is one of the best Party Of Five characters as she's charming, adorable, and precocious. In this compelling episode, she thinks that her family is cursed and that must be why they have experienced so much tragedy and misery over the years, from their parents dying in a car accident to many other examples. It's both funny and heartbreaking when she gets an exorcist to rid the house of any bad energy and negative vibes.

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Julia also has a powerful storyline here: trying to get over her partner Justin while planning the high school Halloween dance. She hates that he's got someone special in his life and that she can't be with him anymore, adding an emotional element to this spooky episode.

2 Buffy The Vampire Slayer: "Halloween" (S2, E6)

Buffy The Vampire Slayer naturally has some intense and fun Halloween episodes, and in season 2, Buffy and her friends all become whatever costume they're wearing. Buffy transforms into someone from the 18th century which is entertaining to watch.

Sometimes Buffy characters wear awkward outfits, and this is a great example, as they can't exactly do much in these long skirts and bothersome fabrics. It's always memorable when this series puts the characters into a strange and scary situation and this is an episode to remember.

1 Blossom: "All Hallows Eve" (S3, E9)

Blossom is known as the charming story of a teenage girl living with her dad and brother who help her get through life without her mom. The Halloween episode is perfectly silly and entertaining.

Six and Blossom are hanging out at home by themselves, which should be thrilling but is terrifying because they think that a killer wearing a mask is trying to break in. It turns out to be Blossom's hilarious and silly brother Joey, a character who fans love because he's ditzy but means well.

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