10 Actors And Actresses Who Would Be Perfect In A Live-Action Demon Slayer Movie

The manga series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba series has received a faithful and well-paced anime adaptation on Netflix and the 10-episode format works great for the series that ends with the human-turned-demon protagonist Nezuko Kamado going head-to-head with the Temari demon Susamaru. The series then got a direct sequel in the 2020 film Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Mugen Train.

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Demon Slayer is considered one of the best demon anime series and for valid reasons. The character designs seem well fleshed out but have some singular traits that make it easier for audiences to identify them as warriors in an ensemble anime series. A live-action movie on the Demon Slayer series would do well to follow this strategy in character writing, especially when it comes to casting the movie.

Jacinto has showcased a brilliant range with just three projects; he plays the naive, gullible Jianyu/Jason in The Good Place and the calm, gritty Yao in Nine Perfect Strangers. The actor tends to immerse himself in a role and its physicality which develops his on-screen transformation seamlessly.

Tanjiro's character design is quite nuanced; in spite of being valiant and fighting some of the most dangerous monsters in the Demon Slayer universe, he's quite sensitive. He can be a protector but does not shy away from asking for help. Jacinto shines in intriguing, layered roles that engage audiences' minds, and works well with dualities, he'd be perfect for Tanjiro.

Nezuko's character is a powerful one, mainly because it's one-of-a-kind; in spite of turning into a demon and losing significant aspects of her human self, she manages to showcase immense self-control. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D actor Chloe Bennet has often had to channel physical prowess and agility in her roles, and she had even trained to be Blossom in Powerpuff Girls.

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She has also demonstrated great potential to emote difficult sentiments. Nezuko's character demands quite a bit of reflection on the audience's part and Chloe does wonders in roles that are not run-off-the-mill.

The reason Demon Slayer is considered a terrifically balanced anime is that it masters a combat-driven narrative without compromising on the storyline. Inosuke, one of its best characters, was raised by boars and has adapted a unique "beast breathing" combat style that mimics wild animals; he also has prowess in sword-fighting.

The role would be ideal for an actor with some experience in combat-centric roles and Mortal Kombat's Lewis Tan could be a great option. The actor and martial artist is skilled in movement drills, wirework and using katana, nunchucks etc. Inosuke is known for his gumption and angst, which is something Tan expresses quite effortlessly even in hyper-athletic roles.

With his role in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Rodriguez was able to incorporate practical nuances to the widely stereotyped macho masculinity that's so often designed to be one-dimensional. The actor excels in roles that are sensitive and have room to emote a range of sentiments.

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Though he is talented he is designed to be a timid, somewhat indecisive character who harbours a secret admiration for Nezuko. His arc does go through quite a bit of evolution and he grows significantly more confident and self-assured, and Rodriguez would be a great choice to channel this emotional growth.

Kanao's difficult past weighs heavy on her and she struggles to communicate. With time she warms up to Tanjiro and their romantic storyline may also get some space. As The Last Jedi's Rose Tico, Kelly Marie Tran manages to channel some subtle angst and wry humor and she has proved that she can deliver a lot even with roles that don't give her enough room to perform.

It'd be very interesting to see her take on Kanao because this character would need certain improvisations for a live-action rendition and an intelligent performer like her could add a lot of depth to the role.

It's easy to predict that Genya's role would have comedic elements in a live-action reboot; even in the manga, his character had outrageous elements. The demon-slayer is quite obsessed with slaughtering monsters.

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Ken Jeong can do a lot of justice to an extreme character such as this. Genya is foul-mouthed and quite unabashed, but over time develops a sense of kinship for fellow slayers and this role could be an incredible chance for Jeong to showcase other sides to his comedic prowess.

There's a lot of mysticism and intrigue around Muzan's character; the man-eating demon sires demons in hopes that one day he would sire a demon that could withstand the sun, so he could eat them and overcome his only physical flaw. The role obviously needs an actor who has experience with daunting characters and can conjure up a lot of charisma and mystery with their presence.

Army of the Dead star Hiroyuki Sanada could be a terrific fit; he has played supernatural characters in the past, and, in Mortal Kombat specifically, he plays the role of the fearsome Scorpion. He understands the dimensions of a role and what each character can bring to a film. A good example would be his performance as Ujio in The Last Samurai, which is aggressive and yet quite grounded.

Shinobu is spirited, hilarious and easy-going and Awkwafina is a shoo-in for this role; Shinobu grew from a brash, tough kid to a spunky, optimistic fighter. Clearly, the trauma in her life has shaped her in significant ways and Awkwafina stuns in roles that require her to channel her layers through humor.

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Shinobu is also a skilled sword fighter and is one of the fastest "Hashira," so the role would also offer Awkwafina a chance to explore some serious action, which could be refreshing for her fans.

There's a sense of severity around Giyu's character who is known for his sense of righteousness and reserved demeanor. The role needs a familiar name, preferably someone who has worked with gritty characters in the past. Daniel Dae Kim excels as characters that are not too verbose and have a commanding presence.

Kim has also worked in roles that have required extreme physical preparedness. In Hellboy, for instance, he plays a military commander who possesses shape-shifting abilities. Giyu is a warrior and an upper-rank swordsman, Kim's experience with demanding physical training may come in handy for the role.

A great actor to play Kyojuro would be Riverdale star, Charles Melton. Interestingly, Melton has never had a chance to play a supernatural role, or a character that has to rely on physical prowess, so this franchise could be a great gig for the star.

Kyojuro is a former flame Hashira who's a teenager but is also quite tall for his age and has a lot of self-possession. Melton is popular among Gen-Z viewers and has shown he works well with layered roles so it would be interesting to see how he handles playing Kyojuro.

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