YOU Season 3 Trailer Reveals Joe & Love's Baby & His New Neighbor

Netflix dropped the YOU season 3 trailer and it teases a chilling new chapter for Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley). Based on Caroline Kepnes' novels, YOU throws viewers into the twisted journey of Joe's search for love. The thriller moved from its debut home of Lifetime to Netflix for its sophomore season after the network disagreed with the show's direction and ratings sunk. At Netflix, YOU has soared to devilish new heights, enticing viewers with its flawed protagonist.

Because of its wider reach, YOU became a hit with Netflix, delivering an even more smashingly sadistic second season. Season 2 saw Joe attempt to leave his problems behind in New York City with a move to L.A. Of course, his fresh start quickly turns sour as the past comes back to haunt him and the present presents even more drama. By the finale, Joe had found himself in the suburbs with his pregnant flame Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti), who revealed her own unsettling killer instinct. The cliffhanger dangled Joe's new neighbor as his next obsession, setting up even higher stakes for the third go around and leaving fans to fashion theories.

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Viewers got some answers when Netflix released the official full YOU season 3 trailer, which treats fans to nearly three minutes of new footage. From showing Joe and Love as parents to revealing the mysterious girl next door, the promo certainly didn't disappoint. Check out the YOU season 3 trailer below:

The trailer narration is Joe speaking to his baby boy, which could be a hint for the narration framing to come this season. It opens on Joe admitting his fears about beginning fatherhood. In typical YOU fashion, the clip rolls on to depict Joe, Love and their baby living a fairytale life. Of course, happy endings don't last around the killer. Though they moved to the lush suburbs to start anew after they both did "bad things" as Love calls it, the blood quickly begins to spill.

About a minute in, the neighbor everyone's been wondering about appears. Natalie (Michaela McManus) completely rips off any bandaids that Love and Joe had put over their troubling past. "Why don't you love me anymore?" Love shouts at one point as Joe's dangerous infatuation grows. A montage of dead bodies and lots of drama ensues, set to the tune of a dramatic rendition of Britney Spears' hit "Baby One More Time." "I never thought to wonder what happens after boy gets girl," Joe says toward the end. It looks like viewers are about to find out.

YOU season 3 seemingly boasts all the wicked ingredients fans tune into the show for: a fresh start gone wrong, false self-perception, sexual escapades, obsession and, of course, lots of murder. The latter is slated to be extra gory this season now that Joe and Love are teed up to be the a millennial Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett. Love even wields a rolling pin as a weapon at one point. Whether YOU season 3 will prove to be the best one yet, though, remains to be seen when it releases.

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YOU season 3 streams on Netflix on October 15.

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