Xbox Series X/S Exclusive Horror Game Scorn Will Release In 2022

Xbox X/S exclusive horror FPS Scorn will release in 2022. Scorn has traveled a long road to release: it was originally revealed in 2013 along with an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign. After its creators, Ebb Software, managed to secure investor funding a year later, it tried Kickstarter again in 2017, and this time was successful. Now, the game’s release is actually happening, and if the 14-minute gameplay trailer released last year is any indication, it will be a uniquely stomach-churning experience.

Scorn has attracted attention, even with as little as has been shown of it thus far, because of its unique visual style. Calling to mind the work of H.R. Giger, everything in Scorn is made to look organic, with much of the scenery and monsters reminiscent of human organs or entrails. Though the game may not be classifiable as survival-horror given that the player seems able to easily fend off the enemies they encounter, it’s definitely going for an unsettling look and tone. Horror fans looking for a next-gen experience to sate them may be in luck, as Scorn is eschewing past generations and sticking to the Xbox Series X/S because the Xbox One just can’t keep up.

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In a post from the game’s publisher, Kepler Interactive, Scorn’s release date was revealed to be an unspecified time in 2022. This is a delay from the expected initial release date of 2021, and no reason is given for the delay. After the long wait for the game already, it remains to be seen if the game will, in fact, meet this projected 2022 window. The press release didn’t give any updates on the game, focused as it was on a bigger announcement about a new publishing initiative Kepler Interactive is launching. With little news from Ebb Software on how the game is progressing, gamers are left mostly in the dark. This wouldn’t be the first time a horror game left gamers clueless—fans of Abandoned have only the promise of a coming trailer to hold onto. Next-gen horror experiences may be a little while off yet.

The delay to next year suggests that the game still needs more time to get to a point that Ebb Software is happy with. Given that 2021 is winding down, a date as nonspecific as just 2022 means it’s likely that Scorn won’t be out early in the year, and may be looking at a Fall or Winter 2022 release. With news on the game being pretty scant, it may slip from gamer’s minds until its release gets closer and it gets more promotion. Still, its deeply discomfiting visuals stick in the mind, and, whenever it releases, Scorn will manage to stand out. Perhaps it will follow in the path of fellow Xbox exclusive horror game The Medium and release on PS5 eventually, giving even more gamers the chance to play it.

2021 has flown by, and 2022 will be here sooner rather than later. There have already been plenty of games announced for just the first few months of the year alone, so Scorn is entering a pretty packed field. Hopefully, after so long in the making, it’s worth the wait when it finally does release on PC, consoles, and Gamepass.

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