Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller Has RGB Button Lighting But Only On Steam

The pro-grade Xbox Elite Series 2 controller appears to have some RBG-tweaking features, but only when it's connected to SteamXbox controllers are known for being highly customizable, with robust personalization for Series X|S controllers recently becoming available through the Design Lab.

The Xbox Elite Series 2 controller has been positioned by Microsoft to be the premium option for Xbox users, offering a wealth of swappable components and more nuanced calibration options. It was released in 2019 and followed the Series 1 controller, improving upon its predecessor through increased build quality and additional features. Both Series 1 and Series 2 controllers are also compatible with PC as part of Microsoft's larger initiative to create synergy between console and PC gaming. PC users can connect and modify these controllers via the Xbox Accessories App, allowing players to seamlessly switch from their Xbox consoles.

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PC users do look to have access to a significant perk when it comes to the Elite Series 2 controller: RGB customization. In a Reddit post on September 11, user Pyrored14 shared a series of images displaying multiple different colors of the controller's menu button backlight. In the title of the post, Pyrored14 explains that they discovered this via Steam's settings, rather than from any official marketing or informational material from Microsoft. In a separate post, a user calling themselves KevLinK shared a video of Steam's controller personalization settings, showing an adjustable slider for the gamepad's LED color. In the comments, KevLinK explains that this option was not available for the standard Xbox One controller.

This news seems to have come as a major surprise to owners of the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller, as this information was not widely known up until this point. Unlike PlayStation controllers that feature dynamically changing LED lights for games like Resident Evil Village, the backlight on Xbox controllers has always been considered much more static. Many users were likely unaware that the controller had an RGB light at all, much less a customizable one.

The decision to obfuscate this cool feature is sure to baffle many fans of the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller, especially when taking into account the company's emphasis on customization in the past. If anything, the option to change the color of the backlight would make the device significantly more marketable and appealing. The fact that this feature is absent for players on Xbox consoles is also confusing, as one might assume that more robust customization would be offered through the controller's native platform. If Microsoft takes notice of this positive fan response, however, the backlight on Xbox Elite Series 2 controllers could become adjustable on Xbox consoles in the future, rather than just through Steam.

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Source: Pyrored14/Reddit, KevLinK/Reddit

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