X-Men’s Nightcrawler Is Putting Together a New Team of "Mutant Jedi"

Warning! Spoilers ahead for X-Men: The Onslaught Revelation #1

In Marvel Comics' X-Men: The Onslaught Revelation, Nightcrawler reveals his plans to put together a team of "Mutant Jedi," resembling the keepers of the peace seen in Star Wars. While the villainous Onslaught has found his way to Krakoa and quickly taken root in several mutants' minds (including Xavier's), Nightcrawler and his new partner Legion come together to form the Spark, a new way of life that makes mutants less vulnerable to the psychological deprivations of their newfound immortality. However, this new Spark needs to be protected, and Nightcrawler intends to form a new team to do just that.

In Marvel's prior Way of X series from Si Spurrier and Robert Quinn, Kurt Wagner - aka Nightcrawler - was struggling to come up with a solution to the corrupting culture and darkness he saw forming on Krakoa, particularly within its younger generations of mutants and their cavalier attitudes towards death. This was due to the island's resurrection protocols, where mutants who die are simply brought back thanks to the powers of the Five and memory backups for every mutant held within Cerebro. Furthermore, it was soon revealed that those perspectives paired with growing aggression, violence, and hate were all being largely influenced by Onslaught himself. The new Onslaught Revelation #1 (also from Spurrier and Quinn) confirms that the villain has been influencing Xavier to secretly delete Cerebro's backups, intending to drive young mutants into a killing frenzy at the Cruciball and grow stronger than ever before on their life energy.

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However, Nightcrawler and Xavier's son Legion come up with the Spark, a new culture for mutantkind centered on peace, creativity, and light. Not only do they form a temple within the infinite astral plane of Legion's vastly powerful mind, but they work to combat the darkness Onslaught has generated, countering his corruption by creating a brand new and positive way of life to counteract the new meaningless of individual death. However, Nightcrawler confirms that the Spark will always require protection, and the end of the issue sees him discussing his plans to form a new team Legion describes as "Mutant Jedi" (a rather fitting description).

The issue ends with a teaser for the upcoming X-Men era post-Inferno and Kurt's new team of Legionaries (including the surprise additions of Juggernaut and Blindfold), and it's going to be interesting to see how they'll operate on Krakoa going forward. While it's already been hinted that the Quiet Council won't like Kurt unilaterally creating his own peacekeepers, it doesn't seem as though Kurt is all that concerned, seeing his proposed team as necessary for Krakoa to thrive. Something as pure and positive as their new temple needs to be protected at all costs, along with the Spark meant to guide all of mutantkind.

The idea of Nightcrawler forming a mutant version of Star Wars' Jedi Order with a new temple and peacekeepers to protect their new way of life is fun and dynamic, particularly for a character like Kurt who's so focused on faith and belief. Now, he gets to be a whole new kind of priest and protector in the aftermath of The Onslaught Revelation, guiding a new culture created by mutants, for mutants, as Marvel's X-Men prepare to enter their next chapter ushered in by the upcoming Inferno event.

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