Wonder Woman's New Lasso Just Unlocked Ridiculous New Powers

Warning: contains major spoilers for Wonder Woman #779!

The Lasso of Truth is Wonder Woman's iconic weapon, but she hasn't had it in her recent adventures. In Wonder Woman #779, the titular heroine finds out more of what her new lasso is capable of. After this, her usual lasso might not seem as powerful as it used to.

Wonder Woman's iconic weapons are typically her lasso and her bracelets. The lasso compels people to tell the truth, see the truth, and it also just serves as an effective restraint. Fans saw some of the lasso's abilities in Wonder Woman 1984, but Wonder Woman's newest lasso has an ability that far surpasses the original.

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Wonder Woman #779 has the creative team of Becky Cloonan, Michael Conrad, Travis Moore, and Tamra Bonvillain. Within the current arc, the Goddess of Truth has had an alternate lasso. This one is purple, it glows, and on occasion, it even speaks to her. It has tried to convince her to eradicate her foes, pushing dark suggestions her way. Yet she hasn't succumbed to any of its suggestions - until now, for good reason. The lasso tells her to wrap it around Deadman, who has fallen at Janus' hand, saying it can force him to submit to her command.

This would normally seem a little strange since Deadman is not a foe - he is her friend. Yet this command has a happy ending, so far. After she wraps it around him and commands him to rise, Deadman complies, returning to life. This is the ultimate lasso, able to reverse death - a power not possible with the Lasso of Truth. It isn't known if this Lasso will eventually require a price to be paid, particularly since Wonder Woman no longer has it. When its origin is revealed, the abilities this lasso has become rather clear. Later in the issue, Wonder Woman captures Janus and she is turned over to the Fates - otherwise known as the Norns or Moirai. The thread that composes the Fates and that they can cut glows the same color.

All this time, Wonder Woman has been wielding a lasso directly from the Fates - which isn't named within the series, but should definitely be called the Lasso of Fate. It resurrected a dead man because the threads are directly connected to life and death. This isn't the first alternate lasso in DC Comics and the others follow similar naming conventions. Donna Troy has wielded the Lasso of Persuasion, while Cassie Sandsmark has wielded the Lasso of Lightning. Even Diana's evil counterpart from Earth-3, Superwoman, has a lasso of her own, dubbed the Lasso of Submission. Considering its abilities and origins, this newest weapon is far too powerful to keep around, making it a good decision for Wonder Woman to use it to bind Janus' halves together again.

Wonder Woman's Lasso of Fate has certainly served its purpose in her latest adventure, but it has a much darker side than the Lasso of Truth. While its capabilities are certainly stunning and tempting, it just wouldn't be as fitting of one of DC's greatest heroes. Diana is the Goddess of Truth for a reason, which makes her usual lasso the perfect match for her. However, the Lasso of Fate posed a very intriguing challenge for Wonder Woman to face and conquer. Plus, saving Deadman isn't a bad decision to make, considering how imperative he is to getting everyone back to their own realities.

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