Wonder Woman & Her Sister Share The Love in Breathtaking Fan Art

Although Diana may be the most prolific DC character to hold the mantle of Wonder Woman, her twin sister Nubia has proven she is equally worthy, and now a stunning piece of fan art is showcasing both of them side by side. DC has been giving Nubia more exposure lately, both in the comics as well as in her own graphic novel, and fans, like artist Jasric, have been taking her grand resurgence as an avenue to highlight her character.

Although Nubia's backstory as Diana's long-lost twin born from black clay has been established for decades, there haven't been a lot of opportunities for her to stand out on her own over the years, or even for the two to further develop their relationship. Therefore, there are a lot of questions fans have about Nubia. Lately though, there has been a push for her to get more of the spotlight and DC's writers have responded. In DC's Future State Nubia held the title of Wonder Woman, in current Wonder Girl comics she is queen of Themyscira, and earlier this year a young adult graphic novel was released with her as the title character. Now evens fans are reminding the world that she is every bit Diana's equal.

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In a beautiful and powerful piece of artwork by artist Jasric, Diana and Nubia are given the chance to show how radiant they are and how powerful their relationship truly is. From having their arms around each other to their swords coming to meet, and even their hair being entwined together; the way the image connects them makes it feel like they have the strongest and most loving sibling bond there is. It also highlights each of their own unique Wonder Woman costumes. The two women may be similar, but they have their difference. By putting them side by side, those small details are able to highlight their differences, as well as their similarities, both as characters and as sisters. They also show a level of finesse and care that proves how much thought went into this work: from the different colored red nail polishes to the slightly varied smiling expressions, all the way up to the guards on their swords. Check out Jasric's artwork below!

It's obvious that what fans want is for DC to give them more modern stories in which these two Amazons can explore their bond. Of course, Diana refers to all Amazons as her sisters, but Nubia is different. She's proven worthy of being queen and of being Wonder Woman, so it'd be great to see them fight side by side once again in the mainstream continuity. Wonder Woman's family doesn't often get the chance to interact in the same way the entire Bat-Family does, and it would be nice to see them link up and explore their dynamics more across their various titles. Plus, Nubia was technically DC's first black female superhero, so for her to specifically get more of a focus would allow for further celebration of her place in the history of comics.

Luckily, DC has been listening to fans' pleas. Nubia is getting her own comic titled Nubia and the Amazons of which the first issue is set to release on October 5th. So, this fan art comes at the perfect time to celebrate the upcoming series and what it means for further representation and diversity in comics. Hopefully, readers will get to see moments like the one pictured in Jasric's work, but even if they don't, anything that has this powerhouse as the leading female figure promises to be an empowering and wonderful ride. Plus, it's needless to say that the reigning Wonder Woman would almost certainly be proud of Nubia and how far she's come.

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