Wolverine is Finally Getting His X of Swords Rematch

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Wolverine #15

In the latest issue of Marvel Comics' Wolverine, Logan is preparing to face his rival Solem who was last seen during the X-Men's X of Swords event. Hailing from Arakko, the adamantium-skinned Solem is essentially the anti-Logan in terms of his personality. After Solem is suspected of stealing a shipment of Krakoa's logic diamonds during the Hellfire Gala, Wolverine goes on the hunt for his newest rival. As a result, Logan decides to meet with the Arakkii pirate Sevyr Blackmore to learn more about his foe who wields a Muramasa sword matching the one Wolverine has in his possession, the only two blades in existence that can cut through adamantium.

In Wolverine #15 from writer Benjamin Percy and artist Adam Kubert, Logan learns a lot about Solem, who's described as a lover and poet while being an extremely capable killer. Also, the Arakkii warrior snuck through a Krakoan gateway after the Tournament of Swords to explore what Earth had to offer. According to Blackmore, Solem was a part of his crew for years since his childhood, evolving and expanding his impressive skills to become an incredibly deadly asset before he eventually betrayed the ship's captain. As a result, Blackmore would like nothing more than to see Solem dead, though their most recent brawl saw Solem slipping through his fingers, stealing Krakoa's logic diamonds before Blackmore could rob the island nation himself.

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After Logan refuses to work with the pirate and fights his crew, Blackmore reveals his leverage: the Muramasa blade Solem has apparently left behind. With only two Muramasa swords in existence, Solem has had one while Wolverine possesses the other. Given the swords' ability to cut adamantium, they're extremely valuable and precious, resulting in Wolverine agreeing to find Solem for Blackmore in order to gain the sword back. However, Wolverine has his suspicions that Solem wouldn't have given up the one-of-a-kind blade so easily without some sort of trick up his sleeve.

Thanks to Solem's theft, things have just gotten immensely personal for Wolverine. The Muramasa swords are extremely rare and powerful, and Logan is right in assuming that Solem wouldn't have given up his own sword without already having a backup. Now, it looks as though Solem and Wolverine will soon collide once more in a duel of adamantium skin and claws, as Logan is quite determined to get the Muramasa swords out of Blackmore and Solem's equally questionable hands.

In any case, Lady Saturnyne didn't have it in her cards for Wolverine and Solem to fight directly in X of Swords, which means that the coming issues of Wolverine will serve as a genuine rematch, showcasing what will no doubt be an epic showdown for the ages in the Marvel Universe. As a result, here's hoping Wolverine gets the upper hand, perhaps even reuniting the two Muramasa blades by the end of Logan's new storyline with Solem.

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