Wolverine: 10 Lessons Insomniac Can Take From Square Enix's Avengers Game

Marvel's Avengers didn't have an overly successful launch and has since struggled to regain its footing. However, remarkable improvements have allowed fans to enjoy the title in a new way. With Insomniac currently working on Marvel's Wolverine, there are plenty of lessons they can take from the Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics launch.

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Whether it's the portrayal of the characters, the way the story was formed, the gameplay options, or even the logistics of the release itself, there's a lot of factors to consider when launching this new X-Men title. Ultimately, both games hope to emulate the source material in some way while also putting their own spin on the comics.

10 Releasing A Full Game

It may seem like a logical point, but unfortunately, Marvel's Avengers received a rushed release that consequently led to a lot of backlash. Upon its initial debut, the video game was plagued with bugs, and there were aspects of the title that had not been worked on fully.

While changes have been made to Marvel's Avengers to ensure these problems have been patched, it still damaged the reputation of the title and burned a lot of fans. Insomniac should follow the path they previously paved, allowing a game to be fully formed before showing it to the world.

9 A Range Of Costumes

There is certainly no shortage of costumes and different suits in Marvel's Avengers. While the range is so big that a couple of the choices are completely ridiculous, it does allow fans to get creative with their looks while paying homage to some of the suits seen in the comic books.

The best superhero games usually follow this formula, allowing players to replicate what they have seen on the page. With plenty of brilliant costumes to choose from in Logan's career, there's no doubt that Insomniac will take full advantage of some of its clothing mechanics in the Wolverine game.

8 An Original Story

One of the areas on which Avengers was largely commended was the game's storytelling. The narrative it gave audiences was unique, marking the breakdown of the Earth's mightiest heroes, the supposed death of Captain America, the introduction of Ms. Marvel, and the rise of A.I.M.

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It juggled a lot of moving parts and was what really brought fans back to the game again and again (if they did return). The inclusion of the Inhuman event was perhaps the most left-field choice, but it totally worked. Wolverine could definitely learn from that and tell a story fans are not familiar with.

7 Plenty Of Boss Battles

Insomniac's Spider-Man game boasted a lot of tough boss battles, so the developers should know what they're doing in this area. For Marvel's Avengers, there weren't that many major villains to fight against, though the game does feature some big bads such M.O.D.O.K., the Scientist Supreme, Taskmaster, Abomination, and a few other rogues to round out the list.

Still, fans wanted more, and the source material isn't short on options. Avengers might have since added the likes of Maestro, Crossbones, and Klaw, to name just a few examples. Wolverine has a real cast of characters to draw from, and his upcoming game cannot make the same mistake. Wolverine has to highlight both major threats and lesser-known criminals.

6 Variety In Henchmen

When looking at the villains of the piece, another vital aspect that Wolverine has to get right is the day-to-day gameplay that will keep the title compelling. Unfortunately, Marvel's Avengers failed to create an array of henchmen and thugs to fight, which led the gameplay to grow stagnant fast.

Without variety, players get bored. A.I.M. soldiers and robots weren't enough to keep the audience's attention. Luckily, Wolverine already has mutants, Sentinels, and other such X-Men-based threats to include in the experience.

5 A Nuanced Gameplay System

It's fair to say that Marvel's Avengers operates on a bit of a button-mashing system. While there are a few tactical maneuvers a player could pull off to change the playing field, there's very little in the way of combat mechanics that allows this title to stand out.

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Marvel's Wolverine has to be different. Spider-Man is perhaps what the title should be looking at instead when crafting its gameplay system. Logan has so many unique abilities and trademark combat techniques that the game has to reflect them to satisfy players.

4 Consistent Updates

Marvel's Avengers' compelling campaign missions aren't enough to keep fans sticking around once they've completed the main story. Luckily, the developers have continued to update the game with new patches, community events, and other various shifts.

Although the DLC is a big factor that will be separately discussed, there are still ways to support a title after launch that allow fans to feel as if their gameplay experience is worthwhile. Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics are trying to listen to the community, and this is something that Insomniac has proven they can do.

3 Compelling DLC

In terms of DLC, the position Avengers took on the additional story installments was a brilliant way to keep players interested. Free DLC that acts as major pieces of the ongoing narrative allows the game to continue feeling fresh while the developers work out how to improve the title in the future.

New characters, maps, and missions are all woven into this tapestry of genuinely intriguing arcs. Lots of players have come back for War Of Wakanda, for instanceWolverine will probably follow a more linear approach to its DLC, but it can still take lessons from Avengers in how DLC can be used to address problems with the core game itself.

2 Comic Book Homages

What's a comic book video game without some references to the source material? Avengers did a surprisingly good job of acknowledging that there was a wider world out there thanks to the infrastructure the game built up with factions like S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Inhumans, the links to the cosmic universe with the Kree, and even the integration of time travel.

With so many elements taken straight from the comics, alongside the Cosmic Cube, Old Man Hawkeye, and even the potential for Ultron of all things, the developers at least understand what makes Marvel so fun. These deep dives and Easter eggs have to be a part of Wolverine to allow the experience to feel authentic.

1 A Unique Take On The Hero

A flaw with Avengers is that the game could never quite find its identity. The designs of the characters felt like a strange mashup of the Marvel Cinematic Universe portrayals and the comic book iterations fans know and love. This combination ultimately felt generic and didn't really work.

Wolverine has to have its own approach to this iconic character. It can't copy what came before but instead needs to carve out an identity that fans are going to associate with the title going forward. The studio managed to do so with the web-head, so why not Weapon X?

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