Why Titans' Amazons Are So Different From The DCEU's

Warning: SPOILERS for Titans episode 9.

In Titans season 3, episode 9, “Souls,” viewers got their first glimpses of the Amazons on Themyscira, and the civilization is starkly different from the one established in the DCEU. Titans occupies an odd space in relation to the other DC properties, which may explain the differences. But the changes also make sense for the story that is being told in the Titans TV show.

Titans season 2 introduced some Amazons that lived undercover in San Francisco and, among other things, monitored Donna Troy during flashback episodes to five years previously. The end of that season teased the possibility of seeing their home island when Raven accompanied the Amazons to Themyscira as they transported Donna Troy’s body after her death. Season 3 avoided particular mention of Raven or the Amazons for a long time and this episode is the first time that the series has shown the Amazons in their own civilization.

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In the Wonder Woman and Justice League movies, the Amazons are portrayed first and foremost as warriors. Tradition and ritual are important to them (as seen with the games at the start of Wonder Woman 1984); however, combat, training, and sparring seem to be key components of their existence. In Titans, the group are portrayed extremely differently. While Raven is shown training in combat, she's notably only being taught to dodge. The Amazons themselves are always robed rather than dressed in warrior garb, and their society seems laden with bureaucracy and patient ritual that borders on inaction.

This is likely part of an effort to further detach the show from the DCEU and allow Titans to tell wholly independent stories. They have already done this to a certain degree with portrayals of Gotham in Titans season 3, as well as through introducing their own versions of larger figures like Batman, Scarecrow, and Deathstroke. The choice also emphasizes the revelation from Arrowverse’s Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline that showed that Titans takes place in its own continuity, separate even from its sister show, Doom Patrol.

While there could be a suggestion that Amazon culture had changed over the years since the scenes in the Wonder Woman movies, Justice League shows scenes on the island that are still dramatically different from Titans. Ultimately, the change from staunch warriors to ineffective bureaucrats, while maybe not accurate to the comic origins, suits the TV show more aptly. Titans has recurring themes of needing to question institutional power, a device that makes the need for vigilantes feasible as it calls the police into question. Raven having an opportunity to push against the inaction of the Amazons on her own is an effective way of broadening this message from the show.

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