Who Is Blake Monar? What To Know About The Bachelor In Paradise Star

After four weeks of twists and turns, the newest surprise addition to Bachelor in Paradise season 7 is the elusive The Bachelorette alum Blake Monar. Having only spent a couple of episodes on his original season, Blake is essentially a stranger to many of Bachelor in Paradise's viewers. For fans curious to know more about the new Bachelor in Paradise star, here's everything about Blake from his time on The Bachelorette season 16 to his career outside of reality television.

Blake is 32 years old and grew up in Indiana before moving to his current hometown of Phoenix, Arizona. According to ABC's website, Blake was a dedicated baseball player growing up. He followed his passion for the sport into adulthood as he pursued a career as a professional athlete. After attending college at Indiana University Bloomington, Blake achieved his dream of playing in the major leagues. In 2011, Blake was signed with Washing D.C.'s professional baseball team, the Washington Nationals. From the Nationals, Blake went on to play for the Auburn Doubledays. In August 2011, Blake was assigned to the GCL Nationals from the Doubledays. Unfortunately, after two years playing baseball professionally, Blake suffered a life-altering injury.

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On September 5, 2012, Blake was placed on the Doubledays' disabled list. The former Bachelorette season 16 star's ABC biography explains he suffered from "a debilitating neuromuscular injury." In March 2013, Blake was released from the Auburn Doubledays and was forced into early retirement. With his baseball career behind him, Blake had to find a new path. He then moved across the country to Phoenix, where he started working on his next business venture. In 2016, the reality TV star founded Statum Style, which Blake's LinkedIn describes as "an all-natural premium grooming company dedicated to providing timeless looks and promoting individuality and security in your own skin." In addition to working as the CEO and President of Statum Style, Blake is also a model for the cosmetic company. Blake's modeling expertise is featured on his Instagram, where he has over 11,000 followers.

In 2020, Blake took time away from his career to focus on his love life. Blake starred on The Bachelorette season 16, where he competed for Clare Crawley's affections. Regrettably, Blake wasn't able to make a strong impression on Clare or Bachelorette fans as he was eliminated on week 2. Although he was barely on The Bachelorette, he's stayed in touch with Bachelor Nation, as his Instagram features pictures with fellow alumni including Blake Horstmann and Ivan Hall. Bachelor in Paradise has proved to be a comeback opportunity for Blake, who might have better luck with women the second time around. When he arrived, Blake immediately caught the attention of Tia Booth, who referred to the CEO as a "Tatty daddy." Blake and Tia went on a sensual date that seems to be much more promising than his previous attempt to win over Clare in season 16.

Blake might not be the most famous Bachelorette alum, but he has lived a fascinating life regardless of his disappointing season 16 journey. From the baseball field to modeling for his own grooming company, Blake has a compelling background that is sure to woo his new romantic interest Tia. Hopefully, Blake will stick around for more than two weeks on Bachelor in Paradise.

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Bachelor in Paradise airs Tuesdays at 8 pm on ABC.

Sources: ABC, Blake Monar/LinkedIn, Blake Monar/Instagram

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