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What was Mechagodzilla trying to do before his defeat in Godzilla vs. Kong? Godzilla’s robotic counterpart was designed as a weapon by APEX Cybernetics against Godzilla and the Titans, but that scheme fell apart when the Mecha-Titan fried APEX'S Ren Serizawa’s brain and killed an unsuspecting Walter Simmons (Demián Bichir).

With Serizawa (Shun Oguri) and Simmons dead, Mechagodzilla was free to do as he pleased. It appears that though Mechagodzilla was never meant to exist as a living, independent entity, the Hollow Earth energy source combined with Ghidorah’s DNA rebooted Monster Zero’s consciousness and allowed him to take complete control of APEX’s creation. After that happened, Mechagodzilla began to unleash unprovoked attacks on the surrounding humans before being intercepted by Godzilla – and, later, Kong. Thanks to a timely assist from Godzilla, Kong succeeded in destroying the mechanized Titan with his charged-up axe.

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There’s no question that Kong saved the day when he beat Mechagodzilla, but what’s not altogether clear is what his victory actually prevented. The motives of the previous Godzilla villains, such as Ghidorah and the MUTOs, were never in question, but no plan was ever outlined for Mechagodzilla, as his rise was a bit spontaneous. He didn’t live long enough to make his intentions known, but the Godzilla vs. Kong novelization offers an idea on what he may have done had he not been killed by Kong. While observing Mechagodzilla trying to kill Kong with his tail, Madison feared that after winning the fight, Mechagodzilla would reawaken Rodan, Scylla, and a few other Titans.

Mechagodzilla waking up Godzilla: King of the Monsters’ Titans (and possibly more) really does feel like it could have been his next step. Since he’s essentially Ghidorah reborn in a mechanical body, it makes sense that he’d try to continue what the three-headed Titan started in King of the Monsters. Chances are it would have worked. If he had defeated Godzilla, then Rodan and the others likely would have accepted him as the new alpha. As the new King of the Monsters, Mechagodzilla could have set his new minions loose to help him wreak havoc on humanity. Mindless destruction and mass killings all over the world are in line with Mechagodzilla’s actions in Godzilla vs. Kong, where he was seen needlessly striking out at citizens and the buildings around them in Hong Kong.

Lacking the powers of Ghidorah’s alien form, Godzilla vs. Kong's Mechagodzilla may not have possessed the capability to terraform the planet in his image like he wanted in King of the Monsters, but he’d still have the means to leave the entire planet a desolate ruin, especially if he had a collection of MonsterVerse Titans doing his bidding. If Godzilla and Kong hadn’t stopped him, there may not have been any force in the MonsterVerse that could have stopped him from bringing human civilization to an end for good.

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