What FFXIV's Expensive Housing Properties Are Worth In Real Money

The housing market in Final Fantasy XIV has always been a competitive scene. The demand for plots of land just hasn't been met with the current in-game supply, leading to a housing shortage on servers. Even without this extra challenge, acquiring a housing plot and building a house in FFXIV requires a good bit of work and a lot of gil.

Housing is so expensive in FFXIV that most are co-owned by members in a Free Company instead of individuals - since pooling money in the Company Chest is a more efficient way to save up for a house. And with more players than ever trying out FFXIV, it's likely that the plot shortages will only get worse. Hopefully, some of this will be alleviated once more servers are added in the near future.

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In the meantime, the pricing of FFXIV's housing properties has been compared to real-world money thanks to the site Ebuyer. The site configured real-world costs of housing in video games by taking an in-game item (like an apple, for instance) and placing a GBP price on it before converting it into USD. Of course, the methodology here is imperfect, since prices fluctuate both in games like FFXIV and in the real world. Still, it's interesting to see how the values of homes in the MMORPG translate into actual dollars.

To come up with the figure in U.S. dollars, Ebuyer took information from Statistica and applied it to FFXIV. The prices of plots of land (and buildings) were taken into account to determine their values in real money. Again, housing prices fluctuate so these prices will change from plot to plot. In this instance, however, a small plot with a small cottage averaged 3,069,000 gil, which was then translated into $45,627.62.

Furthermore, a medium plot of land with a medium house was calculated as being worth 14,968,000 gil, which converts to $222,486.34 using Ebuyer's methodology. A large housing plot with a large mansion averaged  37,920,000 gil, which means it's worth about $563,647.90. Comparatively, this would put the cost of land and houses in FFXIV below the U.S.'s current housing market.

The housing shortage in Final Fantasy XIV will likely continue for some time, despite new data centers coming soon. This doesn't seem to have affected home prices, though, which are still well below the housing market in the United States right now when comparing gil and USD values. Regardless of the imperfections in Ebuyer's methodology, it's a fun way to see how much FFXIV's housing plots and buildings might actually be worth.

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