Watch Dogs: Legion Pits Hackers Against London's Surveillance State

In the fictionalized near future of Watch Dogs: Legion, the city of London has become a dystopic surveillance state monitored by private military company Albion. Since the game’s release in October 2020, players have been building their own resistance to save the city from its Orwellian nightmare. Starting November 3rd though, fans of the series can explore the game’s events from a new perspective in Behemoth Comics’ upcoming 4-part series: Watch Dogs: Legion.

Per Ubisoft’s press release on their website, Watch Dogs: Legion will focus on journalist Louise Hartford and DJ Adam “Spiral” Logan. When Louise begins investigating a disappearance at the Kennington Oval Camp, a processing center for soon-to-be-deported European nationals, she crosses paths with Spiral and work together to unravel the truth. The series promises to take Hartford and Spiral through one hell of a ride through the social circles of London’s power players and underground scenes.

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In a press release on their website, Ubisoft revealed that the series will be written by Sylvain Runberg and feature art from Gabriel Germain. Runberg is best known for his work on the science-fiction comic series, Orbital, which follows a pair of galactic diplomats unraveling the vast complexity of a multi-cultural, multi-racial galactic empire and strives to keep the tenuous peace. Germain on the other hand is known for his work on the French comic Silencio, which follows a new arrival at the L.A. county jail and his attempts to thrive and survive his hellish imprisonment. Notably, the series’ 3rd issue promises to have variant covers drawn by Ubisoft Toronto’s senior graphic designer, Nicolas Lajeunesse.


In the Watch Dogs: Legion videogame, Kennington Oval Camp is a critical location to a main quest that has the player investigate similar disappearances. The Camp is clearly not only just a deplorable place to house transients; it is also a shady, and dangerous locale serving the interests of the game’s villains and London’s oppressors. Needless to say, it’ll be compelling for fans to see other characters explore similar events and see the outcome of their investigations into Albion’s covert uses of the relocation camp. While the players by this point in the story would already have a veritable arsenal of guns, hacks, and gadgets to get an advantage over Albion, Louise and Spiral may not have that advantage, and resort to compelling methods of carrying out their investigation. Finally, getting a fresh perspective into Watch Dogs’ antagonists’ motivations and methods will definitely serve to provide further insight into their goals and what could be next for the surveillance state.

Watch Dogs: Legion by Behemoth Comics will release on November 3rd and is available to preorder on Behemoth Comics’ website. Fans of the series can expect a fresh new look at the oppressive surveillance state of near-future London, following the perspective of a truth-seeking journalist and a rabble-rousing DJ.

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