Valheim: How to Craft The Obliterator (& How it Works)

Players of Valheim have often run into the problem of having items they never wanted or no longer need. Until recently, the only things players could do was store these items in chests where they simply take up space or throw them away and never think of them again. There has been no way to break these items down into their most basic parts to use elsewhere. Enter the obliterator.

The obliterator came as one of many improvements in Valheim’s Hearth and Home update. It is exactly what players need to break down old equipment – a far more eco-friendly option than throwing said equipment into the ocean.

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First things first, the obliterator needs to be crafted. There are several elements necessary for this but the most important is another new addition – the thunderstone. For Valheim players who haven’t been to see the trader in a while, it can be bought for 50 gold coins. Only one thunderstone is needed, as well as a forge, of course. The other necessary items are 8 iron and 4 copper. Iron can be obtained from crypts in the swamp biome and copper can be discovered in the Black Forest. Once the obliterator is completed, it’s time to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Regular players of Valheim will undoubtedly end up with dozens of objects they don’t need or use. The obliterator can break down old tools, armor, even junk lying around. The player can simply place these items into the inventory-like boxes of the obliterator and pull the lever on the side. Keep in mind that if the lever is not pulled, nothing will happen. Then, players will want to get out of range fast because they will take damage if they remain too close. After a bit of charge-up time, a lightning bolt will strike the machine, effectively destroying everything inside. For this reason, players are also warned not to build their obliterator near any buildings or items they want to keep. Otherwise, the structure can be used as often as necessary.

With this Hearth and Home update, Valheim players will likely be taking their next few hours of gameplay de-cluttering their homes. The recourses gathered from doing so certainly don’t hurt and neither does the destruction animation. The addition of the obliterator is sure to be received with open arms by recourse gatherers and destruction lovers alike.

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Valheim is available on PC.

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