Too Hot To Handle: Carly & Nathan Appear Together Amid Joey Breakup

Too Hot To Handle season 2 stars Nathan Webb and Carly Lawrence have been spotted hanging out together on social media following her recent breakup with Joey Joy. After dating Chase de Moor on Too Hot To Handle for most of the season, Carly eventually parted ways with him. As the days went on, Chase never found a good connection with anyone else on the show. In turn, Carly found a connection with Joey following his introduction to the cast.

Surprisingly, Carly and Joey actually stayed together for many months following Too Hot To Handle season 2. The couple was spotted together on social media time and time again, with both Carly and Joey feeling confident about their post-season relationship. On the other hand, things took a turn recently when Carly revealed on social media that Joey had cheated on her.

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As seen in the screenshots included below, Carly and Nathan have taken to Instagram Story to share videos of them hanging together following her breakup with Too Hot To Handle co-star Joey. The first set of Instagram Stories involved Nathan and Carly hanging out in a car after she got herself a new phone. Carly claimed that she "needed a break" from social media but was now back online. Nathan was seen driving the car and celebrating the fact Carly got herself a new phone. These posts stood out to some fans, and they didn't stop there.

On other Instagram Story posts shared throughout that day, Nathan and Carly were spotted shopping for some toilet paper and food. Later, they hung out in the same apartment and did different things around the place, such as building a bed and cooking some food. Right now, there are plenty of fans who think that Carly and Nathan could potentially be a new Too Hot To Handle season 2 couple. After revealing they had gotten some baby food, Nathan joked that things weren't what they seemed to be. Moreover, Nathan and Carly appeared to call each other "bestie" in a different IG post.

It should be noted that there's no confirmation that Carly and Nathan are dating or getting to know each other on a romantic level. For now, fans are simply speculating that the Too Hot To Handle stars could be exploring whether there's something between them. Alas, from the Instagram posts they shared, it could be that Carly and Nathan are just good friends who are helping one another out for a few days. Carly could be going through a hard time amid her breakup with Joey, after all. Fans should stay tuned to see if Carly updates her relationship status in the next few days.

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Sources: Carly Lawrence/Instagram, Nathan Webb/Instagram

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