Titans' New Bat Signal Supports Dick Grayson Becoming Batman Theory

In Titans season 3, episode 8, “Home,” it's revealed that there's a new Bat-Signal that uses the Titans “T,” adding fuel to the theory that the season is a setup for Dick Grayson becoming Batman. Titans season 3 rejected the notion of being a show about Batman, but the specter of the caped crusader has hung over the show for its entire run. With the Titans arriving in Gotham in season 3, the show can no longer avoid one of DC’s biggest heroes.

In Titans season 1, Batman only appeared as a barely glimpsed silhouette in a vision given to Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites), and his presence was represented in the series through an always-empty Wayne Manor. Season 2 broke with this trend by introducing Iain Glen as an older Bruce Wayne who could have conversations with Dick and help him to work through some of his past anger. Season 3 once again removed the character from the series after he killed Joker in retribution for the death of Jason Todd and, before fleeing Gotham, tasked Dick with being “a better Batman.

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So far, Dick Grayson has resisted taking on the mantle of Batman, and the toxicity of Bruce Wayne’s request was called out by Barbara Gordon (Savannah Welch). However, Titans season 3 has demonstrated the need for Gotham to have a long-term protector and has not provided a compelling replacement outside of the Titans themselves. While the Titans have a form of celebrity status in the show, Tim Drake (Jay Lycurgo) has highlighted the importance of Batman as a symbol, both against the criminal underworld and for the civilians to feel safe. The Titans Signal is one step, but the conclusion of this story could easily lead to a return of the Bat-Signal with Dick Grayson donning the Batsuit.

It's possible the intention for the show is purely for the Titans to remain in Gotham and to fulfill the role of Batman as a team, and this would make sense given how, recently, Dick became Nightwing. However, that would drive the focus of the show more towards Batman storylines and villains and make it harder for Titans to focus on the titular team, an issue that has already been the source of criticism for season 3. The show has set up a rhythm of giving the team a new location in each season, so it is probable that Titans season 4 will see the team depart Gotham and the need to leave a protector behind could see Dick Grayson leaving the team and becoming Batman.

The Titans Signal’s introduction in this episode is further tied to the probability of Dick Grayson becoming Batman by the focus on Tim Drake in the same episode. In the comics, Dick takes on the mantle of Batman after the storyline “Battle for the Cowl” which Titans season 3 seems to be drawing on. The comics see Tim Drake wear the Batsuit with the intent of demonstrating what Batman should mean to Gotham, and after he is almost killed by Jason Todd, Dick Grayson learns from Drake’s example and finally agrees to become Batman. While, as with “Death in the Family” storyline, Titans might be conducting a significantly sped-up version of this storyline, there are a lot of notable parallels.

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