TikTok DMs: Can You Direct Message Accounts You Don't Follow?

TikTok users are able to send direct messages within the app, but there’s a following caveat to who can send and receive DMs. From Instagram to Snapchat, direct messaging is a common feature on social media and Facebook even has its own Messenger app just for DMs. Facebook Messenger recently received a security-related update when end-to-end encryption was extended to voice and video calls. 

Along with commenting, users can also connect on TikTok by sending a virtual gift to a creator they enjoy watching. Users can also take advantage of the Duet feature and record a TikTok side-by-side with another creator's video. Then there's the Stitch feature which lets creators add a clip from someone else's video to their own to create a new video in the process. TikTokers can even reach out to prospective employers through the app by utilizing TikTok Resumes.

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A user cannot send a DM to someone else unless they are following the account first, according to TikTok. That means if a user is scrolling through their For You page and see a TikTok that inspires them to reach out, they’ll either have to stick to the comment section or hit the follow button. Fortunately, once someone is following another TikTok user, it’s easy to send a DM. Simply visit the user’s profile and tap on the “Message” button to get started. To send someone a TikTok through DMs, just tap on the arrow button located under the comment button and tap on the recipient’s name. Users can then either write a message or simply hit the Send button.

TikTok users do actually need to enable DMs before they can receive any. This can be done by heading to the app's settings, tapping on the Privacy button, and then scrolling down to “Direct messages.” From there, the user can choose between three options. Firstly, there's Everyone, which if enabled allows any user that is following the account to send a direct message. The second option is Friends and this one limits direct messaging to accounts that the user is also following back, or those they have sent messages to in the past. Finally, users can choose “No one” and this option prevents everyone from sending the user a DM. 

Limiting DMs to people a user follows is a good idea, as it could potentially limit how many negative DMs are received. If someone is following a user, that likely means they enjoy the content and might want to see more, so they are probably less likely to send a direct message that is mean or harmful. Considering how many people use TikTok, it’s important for users to be able to protect themselves from negative interactions, and in as many ways as possible. 

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