This N64 Controller Crawled Out Of Mario's Nightmares

A nightmarish, fleshy Nintendo 64 Controller is currently making the rounds on social media, and it has to be seen to be believed. Released way back in 1996 to compete with the original PlayStation, the N64 is as fondly remembered for its unique, three-pronged controller as its large catalog of ground-breaking exclusive games like Super Mario 64, Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time, and WWF No Mercy.

The N64 Controller was every bit as revolutionary as the games it was used to play, as it was one of the first gaming controllers to include haptic feedback through the use of its removable Rumble Pack accessory - a feature that has become the universal standard among modern systems like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. However, many players felt that the fork-shaped Nintendo 64 Controller looked rather odd, with no less than Xbox mastermind Phil Spencer being confounded by the controller's bizarre-by-modern standards layout. Even worse, N64 players reportedly suffered from blisters and other hand injuries after using the N64 Controller for too long - although that would seem merciful compared to having to hold one fan’s twisted take on the infamous design.

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Earlier today, Twitter user Evan Millar shared a head-turning image of a freakish, custom-made Nintendo 64 Controller model, which was later attributed to Instagram user Michael Adams. This twisted controller, which was sculpted from polymer clay, seems to be made entirely of human flesh, with eyeballs in place of the N64 Controller’s buttons, teeth in place of the directional buttons, and a bizarre, nipple-like appendage serving as the joystick.

This nightmarish Nintendo 64 Controller replica comes at an interesting and nostalgic time for fans of Nintendo’s first foray into the world of 3D graphics. Earlier this year, Nintendo celebrated the 25th anniversary of the N64’s flagship title, the legendary Super Mario 64. Even better, Nintendo recently announced that several of the N64’s classic games will be made available on Nintendo Switch Online, though not every title will be making the jump to the modern age.

Not many people would want to use Michael Adams’s organic-looking Nintendo 64 controller to play games, as it looks more like something players would be tasked with trying to kill in a dark FPS than the controller used to aim their guns. Nonetheless, it’s still an impressive and life-like model that manages to be genuinely creepy, and it appears just in time for gamers to get into the Halloween spirit.

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Source: Evan Millar/Twitter, Michael Adams/Instagram

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