The Watcher May Interfere In Future What If Stories Teases Writer

As What If...? season 1 inches toward its endgame, the Watcher might finally interfere in the stories he oversees, teases writer A.C. Bradley. What If...? has been the latest Marvel show to enchant viewers weekly, and there are only a handful of episodes left. The series first premiered in early August, and season 1 will come to a close next week. Season 2 is already in the works, though it remains to be seen when it will arrive on Disney+. In the meantime, the last two episodes of What If...? season 1 promise to have enough surprises to entertain fans for a while.

While most episodes of What If...? have been standalone explorations of the Marvel multiverse, there's been one connective thread through each one: Jeffrey Wright's Uatu the Watcher. The mysterious omnipotent being has watched over every single adventure in What If...? and narrated the proceedings. The Watcher is intended to be only a passive observer with a deep understanding of how the multiverse words. However, there's a chance that will change in future installments.

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What If...? head writer A.C. Bradley recently previewed the last two episodes of season 1 with EW and hinted at a major change ahead for the Watcher. She explained that there's a growing tension of whether the Watcher will ever intervene in the stories he's observing. "Going into the finale, a major source of tension is: Will the Watcher ever break his oath? Or will he remain who he is?" Bradley teased. "Will he stay the Watcher, only observing the triumphs and tragedies? Will there ever be a story that forces his hand?" The Watcher's evolving mindset comes from his place as an audience surrogate, she elaborated:

He starts off very distant and literally watching from afar, but for so many of us, Marvel movies have become more than just entertainment. Marvel movies have become more and more of a cultural touchstone and a bigger part of our lexicon, so the notion that, for the Watcher, as he peruses these multiverses, as he lives through these heroes, as he suffers their triumphs and their tragedies, he becomes also more emotionally invested, and therefore becomes more and more part of their world and wants to be more part of their world even though he knows he's not supposed to.

There have already been some signs of the Watcher inching closer to intervening in What If...?. Episode 4 saw him speak to Doctor Strange directly after the darkened sorcerer questioned why he wouldn't do anything to stop the world from ending. Even then, the Watcher insisted he cannot to anything to intervene in the worlds he observes, though he seemed reluctant to do so. That was several What If...? episodes ago, meaning he might've had a change of heart by now.

The last two installments of What If...? season 1 look to encompass a major conflict thanks to the arrival of Ultron Vision. The Guardians of the Multiverse will assemble to defeat him, but they could use some extra help. After all, Ultron Vision has the Infinity Stones, making him even more powerful than before. The Watcher will likely watch this battle take place, and if the heroes fall on the losing side, he just might cast aside his oath and interfere. That could hold some major implications for the rest of the MCU, should Marvel ever wish to explore it on the live-action side. All will be revealed within the next couple of weeks.

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What If...? releases new episodes Wednesdays on Disney+.

Source: EW

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