The Son of Carnage is Teaming Up With Marvel's Venom

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Extreme Carnage: Toxin #1

In Marvel Comics' Extreme Carnage, the son of Carnage is joining Agent Venom against his evil father. Being the 1000th symbiote in their lineage, Toxin possesses a unique strength that goes beyond both Carnage and Venom, displaying his power in some pretty interesting ways in this new issue taking place in the aftermath of Marvel's King in BlackWhile Carnage may be influencing and corrupting other symbiotes to his side against their will, Toxin proves he's the one symbiote who can't be corrupted so easily.

Extreme Carnage takes place after the events of Marvel's King in Black series, where Knull the symbiote God has invaded the entire globe with his legion of symbiotes and, most importantly, the symbiote of Cletus Kasady has returned. However, the event ended with Eddie Brock's Venom defeating Knull himself, ascending to become the next King in Black. Additionally, Flash Thompson's Agent Venom was brought back to life, and he's now been tasked by Iron Man to look out for any future symbiote-related threats, such as Carnage's dark new plan involving posing as a presidential-hopeful along with the corruption of his symbiote siblings from the Life Foundation. However, this also includes his own symbiote son Toxin in this new issue from Steve Orlando, Gerardo Sandoval, and Danilo S. Beyruth.

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In Extreme Carnage: Toxin #1, the son of Carnage faces his evil father in the void of the symbiote hivemind where Carnage has been largely successful in influencing and turning symbiotes to his side. However, Toxin is able to resist his control thanks to his unique symbiote status and strength. While his young host Bren initially had no idea what was going on, he was soon filled in before Toxin was met by Agent Venom and the newly created symbiote known as Silence. Agreeing to work together to face Carnage, the new symbiote trio looks prepared to shut down Carnage's plan before he can do any kind of major damage to the country that's still recovering from Knull's invasion.

Interestingly enough, Bren is dealing with the darkness and secrets of his own father, who is secretly a Guardsman, working to take down symbiotes with extreme prejudice. That being said, Toxin and Bren seem to have quite a solid relationship as they influence and play off each other to become a force largely seeking to do good, which hasn't always been the case for the son of Carnage/grandson of Venom.

In any case, it's going to be interesting to see if Carnage is defeated by his own offspring as Extreme Carnage nears its finale. Not only that, but with Eddie Brock having achieved a near god-like status attending to greater threats with larger scopes, it's now up to Flash Thompson's Agent Venom to stop Cletus Kasady and his brutal mayhem, despite their first fight ending in disaster for Agent Venom. Here's hoping his new alliance with the son of Carnage provides the solution.

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