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Nobody does love and emotion like Taylor Swift, and her music embodies romance to the tee. With her vast discography, there is a song to describe almost every type of relationship, be it unrequited love, Shakespearean romances, forbidden love, pining after a past lover, or everyday camaraderie between partners.

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Everyone's favorite sitcom, The Office, features some of the most iconic romances in television history, including the slow burn relationship between Jim and Pam or Dwight and Angela, amongst others. These legendary entanglements align almost perfectly with the global icon's tunes about love and make for a delightful combination together.

9 Andy & Erin - "I Forgot That You Existed"

Andy pursued Erin for quite a while, but when they finally got together, he decided to disappear to Jamaica on a boat. Their cute love story came to a screeching halt and it seemed that Andy just forgot that Erin existed. He didn't call her or email her and she was left in the dark, which was sad to see for someone as sweet as Erin.

Despite the fact that Erin loved Andy, she was the one who got over him rather quickly, since she had been left behind and not cared for. She knew her worth and left, which she thought "would kill her," as Taylor Swift said, but it didn't.

8 Ryan & Kelly - "Look What You Made Me Do"

The toxic pair wouldn't be any other song but Swift's "Look What You Made Me Do" -- a ballad about all the bad things that Swift had to do because of certain people in the industry. Ryan and Kelly were classically bad for each other, and both of them did terrible things, like leaving their spouses and babies, for each other.

Since they weren't emotionally mature, they wouldn't take responsibility for their actions, and would always blame each other for their mistakes. It was a strangely relatable moment between Taylor Swift and the couple.

7 Jim & Pam - "You Belong With Me (Taylor's Version)"

The will-they-won't-they romance between Jim and Pam translates flawlessly into Swift's classic Fearless track (which fans were excited to hear re-recorded), a song about someone pining after their crush who is with someone else. Jim was in love with Pam since the day he met her at Dunder Mifflin, but the receptionist couldn't see that the two of them belonged together.

In this case, Roy was the "cheer captain" that Jim had to compete against. Roy knew nothing about Pam's likes and dislikes and never took her emotions into account the way Jim did.

6 Dwight & Angela - "Cruel Summer"

Another enthralling romance, Dwight and Angela's relationship bloomed mostly in secret. "Cruel Summer" is a track about someone confused between two people, but clearly drawn to the second one that they ideally shouldn't be with.

There was so much that was wrong with Dwight and Angela, but Angela continued to see him stealthily because she knew that she was fated to end up with the hilarious, beet-farming Dwight Schrute. He and Angela could be cringey, but they loved each other dearly.

5 Holly & Michael - "Love Story (Taylor's Version)"

Holly and Michael's relationship is like "Love Story (Taylor's Version)," which is funny because this means David Wallace was the father who forbade Michael and Holly from seeing each other with the transfer.

Michael couldn't forget the HR rep, who met him under contentious circumstances (considering Michael's hatred for Toby), but they were meant to be together. He, too, got tired of waiting around for Holly, but didn't give up on her and pulled out a ring when she transferred back to Scranton.

4 Andy & Angela - "I Knew You Were Trouble"

Swift's dubstep number is something Andy would most likely acapella and scat to Angela if he had the chance to. Angela was full of red flags from the start, which included her coldness towards Andy and her demands to marry on Dwight's beet farm, amongst other things.

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However, Andy was so infatuated with the accountant that he ignored it all and enjoyed their off-beat relationship, where she was hardly ever present or didn't even care. He definitely knew she was trouble.

3 Oscar & The Senator - "Illicit Affairs"

The clandestine affair between Oscar and Angela's husband was never going to end well, as affairs rarely do. Senator Robert Lipton and Oscar sneaked around, lying to their friends and wife, but in the end, Oscar was made the fool because the Senator was also seeing his campaign aide, and a lot more seriously.

It did seem like their companionship was all a big lie, and Oscar, or even Angela for that matter, didn't exist for the Senator and his life afterward. Oscar did seem pretty alright with it, though.

2 Toby & Pam - "I Did Something Bad"

To Pam, Toby was slightly cute, but mainly a friend. To the HR rep, though, Pam was somebody he was quite attracted to. But his friendship with Pam did take an awfully awkward turn when he ended up caressing her leg in front of the whole office.

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He literally did something very bad and decided to leave before he got left. Toby ran away to Costa Rica spontaneously to avoid any further humiliation, only to return later, to Michael's chagrin.

1 Bob Vance & Phyllis - "Lover"

Bob Vance of Vance Refrigeration shared the most wholesome relationship with Phyllis. His love for her was ablaze even years after their marriage, and he was ready to protect her against anyone else. Therefore, their relationship fits Taylor Swift's soothing melody, "Lover."

Their marriage was the ideal amalgam of sweet, sexy, witty, funny, and heartwarming. To pay a thousand dollars to hug his own wife so that she would feel loved is the height of love, and they also shared some dirty jokes together, just like in the song.

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