The Mandalorian Armorer Actress Supports Gina Carano Following Exit

Emily Swallow, The Mandalorian's Armorer, supports Gina Carano following her sudden firing earlier this year. Carano played Cara Dune in the first two seasons of the Disney+ series The Mandalorian. A former Rebel shock trooper who came to be one of Din Djarin's biggest allies, Cara was a fan favorite character who was poised to make the jump to additional Star Wars projects. However, following fan backlash to some of Carano's social media posts, Lucasfilm severed ties with the former MMA fighter back in February.

Carano had long been under fire for tweeting out things that were transphobic, anti-Semitic, and against masks amid the coronavirus pandemic. After the controversy swelled once again, Lucasfilm confirmed it had fired Carano from The Mandalorian and has no intention of recasting Cara. Carano has since moved on to an upcoming movie based on the novel White Knuckle, though she has spoken out at length about her firing, most notably in an interview with divisive political commentator Ben Shapiro.

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Swallow, who appeared in The Mandalorian season 1 as the Amorer Din seeks out for his gear, recently appeared at Dragon Con 2021. During her panel (via The Direct), Swallow shared her own thoughts on Carano's firing, starting off by explaining, "All I can say is that Gina, and working with her personally, what impressed me about her from the beginning is that she is so interested in other peoples' opinions, and is so welcoming of other peoples' opinions." She reiterated that Carano is "very giving, she's very gracious." On the subject of the actual firing, Swallow seemed to fall more on Carano's side, particularly when it comes to cancel culture. She explained:

"I know so little about what happened. I experienced it like you did. I don't know anything about the inner workings of it. I can only speak about Gina being a lovely person, which she is.

"I am thoroughly baffled by a lot of what we're dealing with right now with cancel culture and I think that it's... oh man. There's so many layers to it that are important to look at, but I think that the hatred that comes into it and when people start refusing to listen to the other side, no matter which side they're on, I think that that's really dangerous. One of the things that is so beautiful about our country is we have free speech. We can hear things that we don't like, and we can disagree, and that's fine."

Carano's firing from The Mandalorian and the Star Wars universe at large was controversial to say the least. While a large portion of the fanbase had been calling for her firing for some time, there were others who felt Carano shouldn't have been let go for speaking her mind. For his part, Mandalorian lead Pedro Pascal hasn't spoken out about her departure, though Carano said at the time that she holds no ill-will towards Pascal.

One could argue that, since Carano still has jobs coming in, she isn't actually a victim of cancel culture. She was let go from The Mandalorian, yes, but she isn't out of the public eye. As Swallow knows Carano personally, it makes sense that she would be more supportive of the actress. For the fans who only know Carano through her views, though, it's difficult to support her if their opinions don't align. The Mandalorian will continue on with season 3, and it remains to be seen if it will make any mention of Cara. It might be better for the series to simply move on and focus on the future.

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The Mandalorian will return in 2022.

Source: Dragon Con 2021 (via The Direct)

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