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Fans received a bittersweet ending to The Good Place, but the memories of their favorite characters will remain. Jason Mendoza, the lovable goofball from Jacksonville, Florida, made his way into the hearts of many with his crazy antics. He always had a weird anecdote that somehow managed to hold relevance to the gang's conversations.

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Every so often, Jason dropped a pearl of wisdom the way Skrillex dropped the bass in an EDM number, the character's favorite music. Whatever he said, Jason always made his friends smile and the audience laugh. His strange combination of idiocy and brilliance will be missed.

Updated August 27th, 2021 by George Chrysostomou Jason became one of the most popular characters within The Good Place. As viewers continue to re-watch some of his funniest moments Jason Mendoza's quotes continue to highlight what a decent human being he really was; despite initially being sent to the Bad Place. What's more though, they also demonstrate just how naturally (and often unintentionally) funny he was. 

15 "I Called Janet 'Girl' But She Did Not Say 'Not A Girl."

Jason isn't always the most observant, but when it comes to his girlfriend and eventual wife, Jason always tries to pay attention to Janet. Of course, he's happy to call her "his girl", humanizing the AI that is often overlooked by residents of the Good Place.

He noticed immediately, though, when Janet didn't actually correct him about not being a girl. It's a moment of change for the show but it's also hilarious that this is the way that Jason chooses to explain his revelation, despite how sweet his attention really is.

14 She's So Pretty, Like Nala From The Lion King. And She Talks So Smart, Like, Um, Nala, From The Lion King.

Jason is always kind to the people around him and his brief romance with the ever-fashionable Tahani had fans loving their banter. When trying to describe why he enjoys her company so much though, Jason had a strange comparison to make.

It appears that Jason might have had a bit of a crush on Nala from The Lion King in his childhood (and adulthood) as he shows off the similarities between the Queen and Tahani. It's funny to see him try to be affectionate but it's definitely an analogy that's far too specific.

13 In Football, Trying To Run Out The Clock And Hoping For The Best Never Works. It’s Called 'Prevent Defense.'

Every now and then Jason comes out with a perfect piece of wisdom which is overshadowed by the way he has conveyed it. His sports analogies are often quite helpful, but this hilarious quote definitely requires viewers to think about it a bit first.

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He makes a valid point that trying to go on the defense sometimes doesn't actually work. But his new phrase 'prevent defense' seemingly makes absolutely no sense and yet absolutely adds up. Jason has always been a bit of an enigma!

12 Claustrophobic? Who Would Ever Be Afraid Of Santa Claus?

Jason lives his life really without any fear. He makes the most of every single day and is ready to jump headfirst into any challenge coming his way; whether it's death, marriage, or the fact that he's actually been sent to hell. It's why his misunderstanding of claustrophobia is so funny.

Not only does he not have any comprehension of what the word means or why anyone could be afraid of something so specific, but the quote also brilliantly implies that Jason thinks Santa is real. Who could blame him considering he is spending his days in the afterlife!

11 Dude! We Can Get Mythical Animals? Maybe I’ll Get A Penguin.

Jason has taught audiences so many lessons with his famous Mendoza quotes, but maybe what everyone needs to emulate is his curiosity and happiness with even the simplest of things. For him, learning that they could summon magical creatures meant he could fulfill a lifelong dream.

Although he might not have known that penguins actually exist on Earth, his child-like enthusiasm can't be denied as he's just happy to get the opportunity to spend time with the gorgeous animal. It's something the other people living in the Bad Place could take away from Jason's time there.

10 "Yo, You Should Listen To Me. I Came Up With Hundreds Of Plans In My Life And Only One Of Them Got Me Killed."

It's strange logic, but he's not wrong. Jason did come up with various plans that got him into all sorts of trouble. But only one of them got him killed. Statistically speaking, that's a pretty solid track record. In any normal situation, wouldn't most people listen to a guy who didn't die 99 percent of the time?

What is living without a little risk now and then? Jason understood the importance of taking chances and living in the moment. He embodied the spirit of YOLO; although Jason Mendoza's quotes often did. His main character arc and evolution never strayed away from this initial glee for living life to the fullest.

9 "In Jacksonville, I Got A Flu Virus Named After Me."

Florida gets a lot of flack throughout the series, but when Jason makes statements like this, it's easy to see why. But the weird pride he has in having an illness named after him comes from a place of innocence and positivity.

Others may see him as a dummy, but Jason is forever an optimist. Sure, he got the flu, but it's a special strain that gets named after him. He's a glass-half-full kind of guy. It's in his nature to see the bright side. Plus, the quote demonstrates that Jason's major relationship in the show might just be with his hometown, despite its flaws.

8 "This Is My Bud-hole! It's Just Like A Hole Where Me And My Buds Can Hang Out."

Jason's inability to see how this statement initially sounds is what makes it so funny. He simply wants to offer a safe space for him and his friends to let loose and be themselves. The purity of his intentions combined with the double entendre makes for perfect comedy.

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The others' hesitation in finding out what is Jason's bud-hole also brings the laughs. Once they realize what he truly means, the looks of relief make the audience laugh even harder. It also helps in getting them to trust him as he stocked the room with what every bud-hole needs.

7 "We’re Refugees. What Kind Of Messed Up Place Would Turn Away Refugees?"

The Good Place is not afraid to get political, but turning Jason's character into the vessel for that humor makes it twice as funny. Jason has so much compassion, he can't fathom turning away those in desperate need of help. In a moment of frustration, he voices out loud what many in the audience feel about the world they live in.

It's a statement that makes the audience both laugh and feel a little uncomfortable. That discomfort is okay because good comedy is meant to make people think. It also counteracts the unpopular opinions about the show that states that Jason can sometimes just be annoying and ignorant to other's feelings.

6 "I Wasn't A Failed DJ, I Was Pre-successful."

Jason's eternal optimism shines in this line. He doesn't see his failings as roadblocks, but rather as the building blocks on the road to success; with these Jason Mendoza quotes often giving inspirational advice.

Granted, it takes him a long time to learn from those failings, if he ever does, but at least he doesn't give up. Fans can't help but feel a sense of hope when they see a character like Jason persevering in the face of failure. He makes others feel like pre-success isn't a bad place to be.

5 "I'm Telling You, Molotov Cocktails Work..."

Everyone has a way to deal with issues. This was Jason's: "I'm telling you, Molotov cocktails work. Anytime I had a problem and I threw a Molotov cocktail, boom! Right away, I had a different problem."

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Perhaps creating another problem wasn't the smartest choice, but it can't be denied that he got results. Really, Jason employed a magician's rule of distraction to pull off a great feat. It worked in a pinch when the gang found themselves battling demons.

4 "Yeah, We All Need To Be Able To Cheat Off Chidi..."

Jason came a long way since his arrival in the Bad Place, but he still had a long way to go. As he stated, "Yeah, we all need to be able to cheat off Chidi. Oh, that's why your name is Chidi. I get it now," he showed he needed more growth.

The moment also played off Eleanor's inability to ever get Chidi's name right when she was a jerk who didn't care about anyone. It was a purely dumb Jason moment that made everyone roll their eyes, but also took advantage of Chidi's supreme nerdiness.

3 "What Do You Guys Think The Bad Place Is Gonna Be For You?"

As Team Cockroach gets ready to be dragged to hell, Jason asks, "What do you guys think The Bad Place is gonna be for you? I'll probably go to a Skrillex concert and I'll be waiting for the bass drop, and it... it'll never come."

This joke is an intricate combination of making fun of EDM fans and Jason's innocence. As he cries over a bass drop that will never come the others can't help but feel both bad and frustrated with their friend.

2 "I'm Too Young To Die And Too Old To Eat Off The Kids' Menu! What A Stupid Age I Am."

Jason truly encapsulates the Millennial experience with this one statement. He recognizes how much life he still has to live, but also that he's well past an age where he can enjoy the simple pleasures unburdened by the knowledge of his mortality.

Stupid is the only way to describe an age in which one has no real perks and only death to look forward to, with this perfect summation becoming a quote that lives rent-free in every fan's head.

1 "Jake Jortles, Molotov Cocktail Department."

Jason was known for his love of Blake Bortles, the Jacksonville Jaguars football player, and Molotov cocktails, the ultimate way to get out of any problem. It only made sense that would be the identity he took on when engaging in espionage in the Bad Place.

The gang thought he'd give them away, but it turned out Jason's weird obsessions made him blend in perfectly with a conference of demons. None of the demons batted an eyelash as Jason presented his false persona with confidence.

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