Tales of Arise: How to Increase Maximum CP (Cure Points)

Increasing Maximum CP (Cure Points) in Tales of Arise will make it much easier to face enemies. Cure Points function as Tales of Arise's version of an MP meter. Players will instantly notice it on the right side of the screen. Outside of normal weapon attacks, CP in particular can be used for healing, resurrection, and buffing characters inside and out of battle. It's essential to keep this full at all times since this is how players can use a majority of their stronger magical attacks.

Tales of Arise also does exploration differently with its magical mechanics. When players are exploring fields, caves, or looking for owls, they may occasionally come across a structure that can be activated with a Map Action. This can mean unlocking new paths and areas for players to explore. Although, these Map Actions also cost Cure Points in order to use. Learning how to increase the player's total Cure Points will make it easier to take out enemies and explore in the game. There is nothing worst than finding a Map Action without enough CP in order to activate it.

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Players are able to increase their CP by resting over at a Camp or within an Inn. Alternatively, players can also consume Oranges Gels, Cooked Dishes, or Pineapple Gels to get more Cure Points. Players can also restore CP in the Healing Lights. These are single-use locations that are found all around the world that will fill up the player's CP to its max. Although, there are only a handful of ways for players to increase their maximum number of Cure Points.

There are two different methods for players to earn more Cure Points in Tales of Arise.

  • Leveling Up: Players will have their total Cure Points increased after they level up. They can do this by naturally playing through the game, defeating enemies, and taking on bosses.
  • Gigants: These are a form of mini-bosses that players can encounter when exploring the overworld. There are 20 different types of Gigants in Tales of Arise. Defeating them will provide players with Astral Flowers. This item can be used to increase the player's Cure Points total.

The issue with Gigants is that they can be incredibly difficult to defeat. These are only meant to be challenged once players get to a high enough level to battle them comfortably. Taking them on any sooner can result in an instant game over. Players should prepare for each of these battles by grabbing healing items, their strongest weapons, and their best team composition. Cure Points allow players to make the most out of their adventures.

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Tales of Arise is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC.

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