Stranger Things: The Best Possible Spinoffs (& Which Will Likely Happen)

Netflix’s co-CEO recently teased the prospect of multiple Stranger Things spinoffs, but what shows could come from the series, and which would be the best story for the streaming service to explore? Stranger Things has been a huge hit since the series debuted in 2016. Combining gory sci-fi horror with nostalgic dramedy, it is easy to see why the Stephen King-influenced series has built such a large fanbase.

However, Stranger Things was never intended to last forever, and the nature of its coming-of-age story means the cast is rapidly aging out of their roles. Luckily, the end of Stranger Things does not need to be the end of the show’s universe, as Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos recently teased the possibility of spinoffs from the series. Meanwhile, Stranger Things season 4’s latest trailer proved that spinoffs of the show could work.

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So, what spinoffs could the series explore, and which character’s stories are these proposed follow-up shows likely to expand on? It seems almost inevitable that Stranger Things breakout Millie Bobby Brown would play a role in any spin-off from the series. Sure enough, Deadline reported that the young actor is in talks to lead one such show, prompting fans to wonder who else will—and who else should—a spinoff focus on.

Horror-comedy was huge in the ‘80s, the decade of Gremlins and Ghostbusters. However, despite its sense of humor, Stranger Things has always been a bit too self-serious for full-blown goofy comedy. The camaraderie and comedic interplay between Robin, Dustin, Steve, and Erica was, for many fans, a highlight of Stranger Things season 3, and a spinoff that sees them investigating more paranormal mysteries in Hawkins or further afield could allow the show's universe to pull off a lighter, but still tense and fast-paced, sort of story. However, with actors Maya Hawke and Joe Keery being successful stars in their own right, this one may be hard to pull off.

It is almost inevitable that Hawkins Lab will gain a backstory in a Stranger Things spinoff, given the current trend of re-imagining villains as misunderstood heroes. The Soviets of season 3 are unlikely to receive a sympathetic show of their own and the Demogorgon definitely won’t (although that would be a fun watch), which leaves the shadowy lab operators as the only Stranger Things villains primed for a sympathetic retelling. The question of what the villains at Hawkins Lab are up to has never been made clear by the series, and with many shows already glamorizing the inner workings of the CIA, the FBI, and other extra-governmental institutions, it would not be surprising to see an illustration of Hawkins Lab in its earlier years that explains where the organization went awry. As a prequel, this proposed spinoff would also help out the creators by not requiring the presence of the now busy and expensive Stranger Things cast.

With Millie Bobby Brown reportedly in talks to star in a Stranger Things spinoff, the most likely series to come from the hit show is one that follows the continuing adventures of her heroine, Eleven. Eleven’s new season 4 look shows the character has grown up a lot since her season 1 debut and, as Stranger Things wraps up, it seems likely that the character will set off on a life of her own (presumably spent tracking down her Hawkins Lab tormentors and seeking justice for her catatonic mother). With Brown being the breakout star of Stranger Things, her spinoff is the show most likely to be greenlit after the series finishes. However, by holding on to the same lead such a spinoff may prove too similar to the original Stranger Things and could struggle to find an identity of its own.

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