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A new Stargirl video illustrates Eclipso's superpowers as his takeover begins in season 2 of the popular DC series. Stargirl follows high school student Courtney Whitmore (Brec Bassinger) as she inspires the next generation of superheroes to become the Justice Society of America (JSA). In season 1, after discovering the Cosmic Staff, Courtney works on recruiting heroes while also encountering several villains. Season 2 sees the gang come up against their most formidable enemy yet - Eclipso.

Stargirl has long teased Eclipso's immense power and the impact he will have on the JSA. Now that season 2 is here, the episodes have been building up to an epic showdown. Eclipso's entrance was first teased in season 1 when Cindy Burman (Meg DeLacy) discovered the diamond containing the villain. Even from his imprisonment, Eclipso has caused immense damage, forming the Injustice Society of America (ISA) with Cindy and using his powers to possess others. Now that he is freed from his imprisonment, the full extent of his power is likely to be forthcoming.

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In a video shared to the DC's Stargirl Twitter page, Eclipso's superpowers are put in the spotlight. The scene shows what happens when The Shade (Jonathan Cake) attempts to take the diamond for himself. Eclipso's full powers are put on display as he possesses Cindy and easily incapacitates The Shade. When the diamond is broken by Stargirl's staff, the team faces the true impact of Eclipso's power. Check out the video below:

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This scene is just the beginning of Eclipso's immense power and impact as season 2 continues. His possession of Cindy and his quick disposal of The Shade illustrates his superhuman strength. Shade himself has been a villain and source of trouble for the JSA, making it particularly shocking that Eclipso could so easily incapacitate him. The video also illustrates what Eclipso can do from inside the diamond against a team of formidable heroes. Now that he is outside of the diamond, he will show further power. What is clear is that the JSA will need all the strength and aid they can get with Eclipso on the loose and his full devastating power on display.

As Stargirl season 2 is only halfway through, Eclipso's strength is likely to continue growing. The first half of the season has largely been a build-up to the imminent showdown between the JSA and Eclipso. Now that Eclipso is free, the series is likely to pick up the pace. There are many questions that remain regarding what will happen to Cindy, what Eclipso's first moves will be following his freedom, and what other stories await viewers in the second half of Stargirl season 2. As Eclipso walks free, it's likely he will stir up only devastation and drama for Stargirl and the JSA.

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