Stargirl Hints An Injustice Society Villain Is Alive (& What It Means For Wildcat)

Warning: SPOILERS for DC's Stargirl Season 2, Episode 3 - "Summer School: Chapter Three".

DC's Stargirl is teasing that Brainwave (Christopher James Baker) of the Injustice Society of America could still be alive in the mind of Yolanda Montez/Wildcat (Yvette Monreal). Stargirl season 2 sees Courtney Whitmore (Brec Bassinger) and the Justice Society of America facing new threats in the form of The Shade (Jonathan Cake) and Eclipso (Nick Tarabay). But while most of the ISA is dead or has fled Blue Valley, Brainwave may have survived thanks to his psychic abilities.

Brainwave aka Dr. Henry King Sr. was the first supervillain Courtney Whitmore faced as Stargirl. A powerful telepath, Brainwave was the key to the Icicle's (Neil Jackson) master plan to create a New America ruled by the Injustice Society. Using a machine built by Dragon King (Nelson Lee), Brainwave's powers were amplified to mind control the people of multiple states, but Wildcat killed him before the ISA's mass brainwashing to create their New America could fully take effect. Yolanda also has a tragic history with Brainwave's son, Henry Jr. (Jake Austin Walker), who was also a telepath and wronged Yolanda when they were dating. But Henry Jr. redeemed himself and died fighting his evil father in Stargirl season 1. The abuse Dr. King put his son through is also one of the reasons why it was Yolanda who put an end to Brainwave's evil.

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In Stargirl season 2, Yolanda is racked with guilt over killing Brainwave. She's been seeking solace in Catholic confession and Yolanda is openly questioning whether she is still a good person. But Montez has also been hit with crippling headaches accompanied by a ringing sound in her mind. Courtney, who attends summer school with Yolanda, knows the headaches are frequent, but neither teenager has pieced together what it could mean: Brainwave could have psychically entered Yolanda's mind before his body died. If this is the case, then there are several possibilities that could both harm and help Yolanda going forward if part of Brainwave is psychically living in her brain.

However, there's also the chance that it was Henry Jr. who psychically bonded with Yolanda before he died. Henry Jr's powers were rawer and the boy had less control over them, but even though Yolanda still hated Henry for ruining her life, she would logically be the one Jr. would psychically reach out to. If Henry Jr. is in Yolanda's mind, then he could actually be a key to stopping Eclipso, since it might take a powerful psychic like Brainwave Jr. to combat the mind control of the demonic evil of the Black Diamond.

But if it is the evil Brainwave who entered Yolanda's mind and causing her painful headaches, then the longer he's in her head, the more Brainwave could potentially control Wildcat psychically. This would be an insidious revenge method for Dr. Henry King, who has a documented history of harming others with his abilities and relishing their anguish. Obviously, Brainwave has enmity for Yolanda, given her history with his son and the fact that it was this teenage girl who ultimately killed him. Brainwave could also be cruelly exacerbating Yolanda's guilt over killing him, which could lead the telepathic villain to force Yolanda to harm herself and her friends in the Justice Society of America.

Poor Yolanda has already emotionally suffered long before she even became Wildcat, but Brainwave in Montez's head would make matters much worse for her as she's already in pain coping with what it means that she killed Dr. King. Brainwave controlling Yolanda's mind would also echo the greater Stargirl season 2 story with Eclipso, who is manipulating the actions of Cindy Burman (Meg DeLacy) through the Black Diamond as she recruits her new villain team, Injustice Unlimited. This could all converge later in Stargirl season 2 when the teenage superheroes face Eclipso, and defeating the shadowy demon could end up costing the Justice Society of America dearly, and possibly Yolanda Montez most of all.

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