Stargirl: 10 Questions About The New Green Lantern, Answered

Stargirl spent a lot of camera time in its first season lingering on an old green lantern, an artifact of the Justice Society of American that Courtney liberated from their old headquarters. All of those teasing shots were finally paid off when a teenage girl, Jennie Scott, showed up to retrieve it in season two. As the character vanished as quickly as she appeared though, fans are left with more questions than answers.

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Season 3 promises to explore more about this mysterious character, who actually has a considerable legacy in DC Comics as Jennifer-Lynn Hayden. Known as the superhero Jade, this character has deep ties to the JSA, the Green Lantern Corps, and the rest of the DC Universe.

10 When Did Jade First Appear In Comics?

As most well-known DC Comics heroes debuted in the 1930s and 1940s, Jade is a relatively new comic book character. She made her first appearance in All-Star Squadron #25 in 1983 right before the Crisis on Infinite Earths event redefined DC Comics continuity.

In that first appearance, her identity is a mystery, but she appears alongside the character Obsidian as the two attack a factory. This unprovoked assault surprises the Hal Jordan Green Lantern, who finds that she has similar cosmic powers to his own. This introduction would set up the character in the DC Universe, where she would be a major player in such events as Our Worlds at War and The Final Night.

9 Is Her Codename Green Lantern?

Though there are a lot of heroes who use the name Green Lantern in DC Comics, Jennifer isn't one of them. Her father is Alan Scott, who debuted in All-American Comics #16 in 1940 and was the first Green Lantern. Jennifer, however, never officially adopted her father's famous codename.

Instead, she uses the name Jade for the majority of her superhero career. Even in her first comic book appearance as an antagonist, she's referenced as Jade, rather than Jennifer, keeping her true identity a secret from her father initially. Just which codename she'll end up using in Stargirl, or if she'll use one at all, remains to be seen.

8 How Is She Related To Obsidian?

When Jade is initially introduced destroying a factory alongside Obsidian in the comics, there's a reason they're paired up: the two are siblings. Stargirl has hinted at the possibility of Obsidian making an appearance sometime in the near future. During Jennie's introduction, she shared a photo of her twin brother as a toddler and was given a toy car that used to belong to him with his name "Todd" written on it.

Obsidian's power, unlike Jade's, comes from the Shadowlands, which resulted in him having a breakdown due to its corrupting influence. During that time, he sought revenge against his father, putting Obsidian and Jade on opposite sides of the fight until he could be helped. Obsidian and Jade eventually mended their broken relationship and are currently on good terms in the DC Universe.

7 Has Jade Appeared In Live-Action Before?

Stargirl marks the first live-action appearance of Jade. It actually marks her first appearance in any medium outside of comic books. Though other Green Lantern characters have appeared in animation such as Justice League Unlimited and Green Lantern: The Animated Series, she hasn't yet.

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Interestingly, Jennie appearing in Stargirl is also another milestone for the character. She's the first female Green Lantern to ever appear in a live-action film or television show although she will not be the last. According to, it's likely Jessica Cruz, a female Green Lantern in the comics and current Justice League member, will appear in the forthcoming HBO Max series Green Lantern Corps alongside Simon Baz and Guy Gardner.

6 Who Plays The Character?

Jennie is played by Ysa Penarejo. The actress has been working since 2011, but most of her projects have been for children's programming until now. Younger audiences might have caught her in the Netflix program MC2 , in which very intelligent teenage girls were recruited to be spies. Most recently, she appeared in Brat TV's Red Ruby, a new take on a vampire story. Regardless of the role, Penarejo has shown impressive talent in genre shows that frequently feature strong female characters. She continues to do so in Stargirl, where she infuses Jennie with a likability that masks a deeper conflict within her.

5 What Easter Egg Related To Her Comic Book Origin Appears in Stargirl?

Stargirl, like many comic book properties, likes to sneak in Easter eggs for comic book fans. When Jennie is first introduced in Stargirl, it's at the Ordway Home For Children. That particular name is an Easter egg related to her comic book origin.

That's because Jennie was created by Jerry Ordway and Roy Thomas. Both comic creators have had a prolific career for multiple publishers, but they also share creator credit for the All-Star Squadron, Obsidian, and the superhero team Infinity Inc. The duo was crucial in building Jennie's character so it's nice to see the show honor their hard work with a mention in one of the episodes.

4 How Is The Stargirl Version Different Than Her Comic Book Counterpart (So Far)?

While the comic book and television versions of Jade have a lot in common, like not being raised by their birth father, there is a really big difference between them that fans might have noticed. The Jade of the comics doesn't look like ordinary humans as her entire body, from her skin to her hair color, is actually green.

In the comics, there's actually chlorophyll in her skin, not unlike the comic version of Poison Ivy, who also has a green hue to her. Jade is even able to photosynthesize light to gain energy, just like a plant. After season 2's cliffhanger, Jennie might look closer to her comic book counterpart because of all the green energy she absorbed. This will make her stand out even more on the show, and give fans a welcome callback to the character's comic book origins.

3 What Comic Book Superhero Team Did Jade Found?

Jade from the comics isn't so different from Courtney in Stargirl. Much like Courtney wanted to make a difference and honor the JSA with a new generation of heroes, so did Jennie with her superhero team.

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Jade is one of the founding members of Infinity Inc. The team is comprised of children from past JSA members who are either too old to fight crime or deceased. In addition to Jade, her brother Todd is on the roster as well as the son of Brainwave, the daughter of Batman, and the son of Hawkman and Hawkgirl. No matter whether the heroes are on the page or the screen, their children just want to live up to their shining example.

2 Will The Character Return To Stargirl?

The last time the audience saw Jennie in season 2, she vanished after absorbing the power of the old Green Lantern power source after being unable to shut it down. According to an interview with Decider, that isn't the last fans have seen of Jennie. Penarejo called where Jennie goes, "one heck of a journey," and teased that the audience will see more of her exploring her powers and just what "the ring and the lantern do together." It sounds like by the time she returns, Jennie will have a better handle on her abilities and will factor in more to Stargirl's storylines.

1 What Comic Book Character Won't She Have A Relationship With In Stargirl?

One of Jade's important relationships in the comics is with Henry King Jr, who uses the codename Brainwave Jr. when fighting crime and supervillains. The character is one of her love interests in the comics, but that will be impossible in the series.

Though Henry became a member of Infinity Inc. in the comics, he didn't get the chance to become a member of the new JSA in Stargirl. He did team up with them to fight his own father in the first season, but he sacrificed himself to help save Courtney and her friends. His untimely death means Jennie won't ever get to meet him in the show.

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