Star Wars: 10 Force Powers That Were Only Used Once In The Movies

Even after 40-plus years of Star Wars content to absorb and digest, fans still have a limited understanding of the Force. The mystical energy field binds all living things in the Galaxy together and allows those sensitive to it to develop powers and abilities through it. Many of these powers are iconic and used throughout the Star Wars movies; others, though, are not.

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While there are few, if any, Force powers known in all aspects of canon such as novels, books, etc. to have only gotten used on one occasion overall, many have only been shown to audiences on the big screen one time; most of which come from the sequel trilogy.

10 Teleportation Of Physical Objects

The Force Dyad between Rey and Kylo Ren was a fascinating aspect of the sequel trilogy that gave fans one of the most complex character relationships of the Skywalker saga and many great scenes. Not least of all, when Rey and Ben Solo communicate on Exegol.

As Ben fights off the Knights of Ren, he and Rey lock eyes through the Force, and Rey gives him the iconic Skywalker lightsaber through the Force. Yes, earlier in the same film, the two fighting accidentally allowed Kylo to see the fallen mask of Vader. But the lightsaber transfer was the first time fans have seen a character transfer a physical object to someone else through the Force on screen.

9 Leia's Survival Through The Force

One of the most criticized elements of The Last Jedi was Leia's Mary Poppins-esque survival through space which in the idea was good but lacked in the execution. It certainly was a unique moment, though.

Leia used the Force to protect her body and propel herself back to the ship, like a survival instinct to the highest degree. It has never been seen before in a Star Wars film, and it may never be seen again in the same way as this given the circumstances around it and the famous will of one of Star Wars' fiercest and strongest characters.

8 Speaking With Force Spirits Through Meditation

One of the best sequences of The Rise Of Skywalker is the confrontation between Rey and Palpatine, which reached its climax when Rey used the power of the Jedi of times past to defeat Palpatine once and for all - maybe.

Fans have, of course, seen Force Spirits communicate with individuals in the Living Force, never, though, has a character actively mediated to get in touch with not just one, but multiple of them. While fans would have loved to see Jedi like Anakin and Obi-Wan rather than hear them, it was an awesome scene, and one of the most iconic moments in the sequel trilogy.

7 Sever Force

Sever Force has been seen since The Last Jedi in Jedi: Fallen Order, but only once in a film have audiences seen a Jedi actually sever their connection to the Force. Controversially Luke Skywalker was that Jedi.

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There are still debates regarding Luke in The Last Jedi. But his arc is beautiful, and the unique, kind of heartbreaking power of severing his connection to the Force led to some incredible scenes in the trilogy and a beautiful redemption that ended with a moving sacrifice.

6 Force Storm

Force Lightning is perhaps the most quintessential Force power used by Sith and those on the dark side of the Force and has been a prominent part of the franchise since Return Of the Jedi.

Never in a film was Force Storm used, though, before The Rise Of Skywalker, in which Palpatine unleashes it upon the Citizens Fleet, causing ships to malfunction and even deaths of beloved characters like Nein Numb. It is a harrowing and stunning visual, an aspect of the film that cannot be taken away from it despite its narrative faults.

5 Force Drain

Sheev Palpatine brings many powers to the big screen for the first time in The Rise Of Skywalker, particularly powers familiar to Legends fans, such as Force Drain.

The ability literally drains the Force energy from the victim, with the practitioner absorbing it all themselves, making them more powerful and revitalized. Palpatine uses the typically dark side ability on both Ben and Rey, a dyad in the Force, giving the ability a massive boost given the rarity of such a thing, and making Palpatine even more powerful than he already was.

4 Essence Transfer

In canon, this power is not officially named yet, but in Legends, it is known as transfer essence, in which the practitioner's spirit seizes control of another body, in this instance, it was Palpatine taking over a clone body.

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Of course, that is not seen on-screen, nor even explained. In fact, the power is not seen in practice on-screen. It is mentioned by Palpatine, though, as he intends to do it to Rey. Palpatine is a walking example of the power in the movie, but it is better explained in the extended canon.

3 Manipulation Of The Weather By A Force Spirit

Force Spirits are another aspect of the Force that fans clearly only have a limited understanding of. In The Last Jedi, fans saw that their powers extended far beyond interactions with people on the physical plane.

Yoda manipulated the weather in the living world and used lightning to set fire to the Jedi tree. This was undoubtedly an incredible sequence and showed that there is far more for audiences to enjoy from Force Spirits regarding what they can do in the living world.

2 Luke's Interaction With Physical Objects As A Force Ghost

After his moving sacrifice in The Last Jedi, fans knew that Luke Skywalker would return as a Force Spirit in the next film, and when he did, it was undoubtedly an emotional moment. It also furthered Yoda's appearance in the last movie by adding more to Force Spirit's catalog of abilities.

Besides Force Spirits sitting down on rocks, fans had never seen a Force Spirit interact with physical objects before. Yoda. of course, manipulated the weather and created lightning, but Luke interacted with physical matter that already existed, catching his lightsaber and lifting his X-wing from the ocean.

1 Force Projection

In The Last JediLuke and Kylo face off on Crait in what turned out to be an incredible climax to the film. At the end of the confrontation, it was revealed that Luke was Force projecting himself from Ach-To, something that there are clues for throughout the duel.

This is another power that did exist in Legends, and in its one film appearance was wonderfully done thanks to Mark Hamill and Rian Johnson. No matter what debates rage on about Luke's arc in the trilogy, there is no doubt him giving his life so that hope can live on in the Galaxy, and that the fight against evil, tyranny, and darkness can rage on and be won, is fitting.

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