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The 2010s marked a new advent in Spider-Man's comic book history. This decade saw the creation of the Spider-Verse which also led to Miles Morales taking up the mantle of the wall-crawler.

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Apart from Morales' debut, Peter Parker's own storylines were still in publication. However, even Parker's character has gone through a phase of maturity in this era. Once just shown as a young and humorous teenager, the Peter Parker of the 2010s was a responsible adult who strives to find a balance between his life at home and his superhero antics.

10 Hunted (The Amazing Spider-Man Vol 5 #16-23)

A spiritual successor to the classic Kraven The Hunter comic book storyline Kraven's Last Hunt, the web-slinger along with several other animal-themed superheroes and villains becomes Kraven's prey in Hunted. Hence, not only Spider-Man but even foes like the Lizard and Rhino are equally concerned.

Kraven serves as an intimidating villain in the storyline as he's willing to kill his own children for not living up to his legacy. As Spider-Man makes unlikely alliances with his enemies, Kraven goes on to show the full scale of his hunting abilities and newfound immortality.

9 One Moment In Time (The Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 #638-641)

One Moment In Time is a four-issue storyline that finds Spider-Man's alter ego turning into public knowledge. Eager to change his present situation, he enters a deal with Doctor Strange to reverse time. The result, however, is such that his relationship with Mary Jane would worsen and his own memory would be erased.

The reason why Spider-Man fans would be hyped by this comic is that its plot very much resembles that of the Spider-Man: No Way Home teaser trailer. It shows both the far-reaching consequences of Strange's sorcery and Spider-Man's constant struggles with his superhero identity.

8 Absolute Carnage (Crossover)

A 2019 crossover event, Absolute Carnage features homicidal sadist Cletus Cassidy at his most evil. Becoming the host of the Carnage symbiote, he proceeds to kill any and every symbiote-host in the Marvel Universe.

The mega-event makes for a perfect companion read alongside other symbiote-centric limited series like Maximum Carnage and Venom vs. Carnage. Like the latter two, Spider-Man also plays an integral supporting role while also teaming up with Venom and Miles Morales. As Venom: Let There Be Carnage marks Carnage's cinematic debut, Absolute Carnage would provide an interesting perspective on Kassidy's persona.

7 Spider-Island (The Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 #659–660, 662–673)

Peter Parker has been the guardian of Manhattan for many years. Now, imagine that everyone else in Manhattan also developed the same powers as him. This is what Spider-Island revolves around.

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The offbeat premise is filled with enough action and humor to draw in readers. It was also an iconic crossover series as it included not only issues from The Amazing Spider-Man but also associated one-shots involving Avengers, Cloak and Dagger, and many other Marvel characters.

6 Dying Wish (The Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 #698-700)

In one of the most shocking twists in Spider-Man's comic history, The Amazing Spider-Man #700 ended with Doctor Octopus taking control over Peter Parker's body. The story kicks off with Spider-Man's classic comic villain on his deathbed. With his days numbered, he devises such technology that allows him to swap bodies with Spider-Man.

The shocking ending had far-reaching consequences in the Marvel universe as Doc Ock took up the identity of 'the Superior Spider-Man' (also starring in the comic series of the same name). This evil variant of the web-slinger added a whole new dimension to Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus's eternal rivalry.

5 Spider-Verse (Crossover)

The story that kicked off a whole new world of spider-powered heroes, Spider-Verse found Peter Parker joining forces with other powerful versions of the wall-crawler like Miles Morales, Spider-Gwen, Spider-Ham, Spider-Man 2099, and many more. When each alternate version of the hero is tormented by Morlun and his Inheritors, they plan to travel across dimensions and stop the chaos.

The plot also served as a loose inspiration for the 2018 animated flick Into the Spider-Verse. The film has naturally restored interest in Morales's origin and the concept of the Spider-Verse. But if fans wish to get the whole rundown behind this inter-dimensional story, then Spider-Verse is the perfect place to start with.

4 Dead No More: The Clone Conspiracy (Amazing Spider-Man Vol 4 #16-19)

Dead No More starts off with The Jackal assembling supervillains like the Lizard and Electro with the promise of reuniting them with their loved ones. To increase Spider-Man's troubles, Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly) comes back from the dead.

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As seasoned readers would know, Scarlet Spider was Spider-Man's clone. Killing him and bringing him back has been a recurring trope but in this storyline, Ben starts losing his sanity. Instead of just treating him as a villainous Spider-Man, he is given enough space to function as an individual burdened with his own existence.

3 Spider-Man And The X-Men (Limited Series)

Spider-Man and Wolverine have had their adventures together but this was the first time when the former could formally collaborate with members of the X-Men team roster. In fact, the storyline is dramatic right from the start as it is set after Wolverine's death. Following this tragedy, Peter Parker voluntarily joins Professor Xavier's school as a teacher of ethics for troubled students.

This new role of a teacher is pretty interesting to read about. Usually, it is Spider-Man who is treated as a protege or a sidekick to other heroes. In this case, he functions as the mature one, guiding young mutants towards a morally responsible path.

2 Spider-Men (Limited Series)

As the title suggests, this limited series features both Peter Parker and Miles Morales swinging webs together. As Mysterio unites two multiverses, Earth-616's Parker and the Ultimate Universes' Morales team up to restore balance.

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The comic is a great example of showing both Spider-Men's team spirit as well as their ideological differences. While Parker has become more strategic in his approach, Morales is more impulsive owing to his young age. The mentor-student relationship between the two signifies a new future of the Spider-Man mythos.

1 Ends Of The Earth (The Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 #682-687)

Before becoming Spider-Man, Peter Parker has always been a proficient scientist. In Ends of the Earth, he puts his scientific acumen to good use as he sets up Horizon Labs, a hub of technology that bears influences from both Spider-Man and Green Goblin. So, his inventory includes a wide variety of weapons like Spider Gliders and Spider Bombs.

This entrepreneurial side of the hero is a new phase of his personality that shows the extent to which he can go to be a responsible hero. The very reason that he set up Horizon Labs is to combat foes like the Sinister Six.

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