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While there isn't one main cast member on Siesta Key, the show focused on Alex Kompothecras at the beginning, and fans quickly became invested in his love interest Juliette Porter's story as well. Throughout all 4 seasons, Juliette has gotten into dramatic fights, shared her thoughts and feelings, and had a few intense relationships.

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There are moments when Juliette feels easy to relate to, like when she had trouble learning that Alex and his new partner were expecting a baby. But the rest of the time, Juliette can be harsh and it often seems like she acts before thinking, which results in some scenes of poor behavior.

10 Juliette Hit Her Co-Stars

Juliette has been violent on the show in a few different scenes, which is never going to be acceptable. In season 3, Chloe Trautman told Juliette that she didn't think she should have been dating Robby Hayes and felt it was a toxic relationship. Juliette hit Chloe and pulled her hair. In the following season, Juliette hit Kelsey over conflict over their swimsuit lines.

Siesta Key fans relate to Chloe in many instances, and she was just trying to share her feelings with someone she thought was a good friend. While Juliette has shown many great moments on the series, including her happiness over working in the fashion industry, she should have thought twice before resorting to violence.

9 Juliette Slept With Alex While He Was Dating Alyssa

Fans were just as shocked as Kelsey Owens when Juliette shared that she had slept with Alex in Nashville. This not only led to several tense episodes but also hurt a lot of people's feelings.

While Juliette admitted that it was the wrong thing to do, it was still hard to support her. For one thing, Juliette was the other person in this situation and she was allowing Alex to cheat on his partner. For another, Juliette was getting swept up in the toxic drama once again.

8 Juliette Told Alyssa What Happened In Nashville

Juliette's co-stars weren't so certain that she should phone Alyssa Salerno and share that she and Alex had sex in Nashville. When Juliette went ahead with this plan, viewers felt awkward and knew that this would lead to heightened emotions.

While it's true that Alyssa deserved to know the truth, it didn't have to come from Juliette, and chances are that many viewers felt that Juliette should have stayed out of this situation. It felt like causing unnecessary drama and it was definitely an unforgettable scene.

7 Juliette Tried To Apologize To Kelsey

Reality shows about friend groups tend to show the good and the bad of people spending a lot of time together. Season 4 of Siesta Key charted the end of Kelsey and Juliette's friendship. In one dramatic scene, Juliette told Kelsey that she was really sorry for hitting her and it was clear that she knew it was wrong.

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There are certain moments in life when saying sorry isn't that simple and the pain is going to linger, and that was the case here. Kelsey didn't feel that she could ignore this moment that quickly and fans couldn't forgive Juliette for this, either.

6 Juliette Kept Getting Back Together With Alex

Many of the best Siesta Key episodes for new fans involve the early days of Alex and Juliette's romance as it was drama-packed. But before too long, it became clear that he didn't want to commit to her and would continue to stray.

It's hard for fans to support Juliette's belief that Alex would change and that this time, things would be different. No matter how many times Juliette's friends told her that Alex was toxic, she kept going back to the relationship.

5 Juliette Hurt Madisson's Feelings

Almost every time there's a big fight on this reality show, the two cast members involved would get together for drinks or a meal afterward so they could clear the air. But in a season 4 scene, Juliette's mean words about Madisson seemed to come out of nowhere.

When they grabbed some coffee, Juliette said that Madisson hadn't been empathetic toward her. This was unfair, since Madisson is often in the middle and tries to be a loyal friend to everyone, and it can be tricky to be in a friend group when tempers are flying all the time.

4 Juliette Dated Garrett, Her Friend Kelsey's Ex

Garrett Miller and Kelsey are two of the best Siesta Key cast members and their relationship was charming as they genuinely liked each other. In season 1, Juliette made waves by dating Garrett after he and Kelsey had broken up.

While some people don't mind if a good friend dates an ex-partner, a lot of people feel uncomfortable and awkward about it, and it didn't feel like Garrett and Juliette were meant to be. Kelsey seemed sad to see her pal dating Garrett and this didn't seem like the best decision for Juliette to make.

3 Juliette Didn't Support Kelsey's Swimsuit Line

In season 4, both Juliette and Kelsey designed swimsuit lines, but instead of being happy and proud of each other, or even giving each other advice, they began fighting and even severed their friendship.

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Juliette was in the wrong by not supporting her friend and acting like she was copying her and trying to ruin her business. It would have made a lot more sense for Juliette to appreciate Kelsey's hustle and work ethic instead of focusing on the negative.

2 Juliette Yelled At Cara For Attending A Party

In season 2, Juliette was upset that Cara Geswelli came to a party as she had a romantic history with Alex. Of the members of the Siesta Key cast with big Instagram followings, Cara hasn't been on every episode, but she has made a splash.

While Juliette was entitled to her feelings and she didn't have to be best friends with Cara, she was definitely wrong to scream at her and make her feel like she was unwelcome. This is another example of some bad behavior on Juliette's part and it was hard to move on from this moment, as it seemed like she got too angry without having a legitimate reason.

1 Juliette Was Disrespectful To Alyssa

In one awkward and intense scene, Alyssa walked over to Juliette and said hi, trying to diffuse the tension at the gathering. Juliette wasn't very nice to her and said that it was strange that she was dating Alex and that she didn't know where she had come from.

Alyssa tried to explain that she had known Alex for a long time and that it was only natural that they would end up together. It would have made more sense for Juliette to accept that her relationship was over and let Alex move on so they could both have some peace.

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