Sex Education: 8 Reasons Emily Sands Should Be The Next Headteacher Of Moordale

Although there have been plenty of entertaining and unique characters in Sex Educationmany fans will agree that certain characters can also be overlooked in favor of others. While viewers love the shenanigans between the students, there is one person who deserves a lot more credit: Emily Sands (Rahkee Thakrar).

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Otherwise known as Moordale's underrated English teacher, Miss Sands has certainly had a good impression on fans. Not only is she one of two teachers who care about the students' wellbeings but she is also the only person who chooses to inspire and encourage them to pursue their dreams. So would it be a great surprise if she ended up becoming the next headteacher of Moordale? If they manage to save the school in season 4 and this would be its last season, this would certainly be the ending fans would want for Emily as she deserves the role for many reasons.

If fans had to rank who they believed was the best teacher on Sex Education, Emily would certainly be among the favorites as she is the only person who seems to want the best for the students and their well-being. This was particularly seen in season 3's "Episode 4" when she observed one of the outdated sex education classes and was horrified by the facts that the students were hearing.

Unlike Moordale's science teacher, Colin Hendricks (Jim Howick), who sends Otis Milburn (Asa Butterfield) out of class for asking appropriate questions, Emily overhears several students panicking about what they have heard or seen and advises them to go speak to a professional at a sexual health clinic. Although this small act of rebellion against her boss could have led to her getting fired, Emily took the risk because she knew it was more important to ease the students' fears than let them worry since they had a duty of care to uphold.

Unlike Moordale's former Headteacher, Michael Groff (Alistair Petrie), who seemed to have a grudge against Maeve Wiley (Emma Mackey) and constantly putting his son down, Emily was more than happy to encourage their hopes and dreams.  After reading Maeve's "Ten Years Time" essay and realizing that she felt insecure over her skills, Emily wasted no time telling her that she was a great writer and to continue pursuing it.

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When Adam Groff (Connor Swindells) also asked her if she could help him try and get to a higher set in class, Emily did not hesitate to tutor him and continue to do so as the term progressed. For someone to believe in them, even a little bit, was quite awe-inspiring and gave them the courage to try things they never did before. It certainly made fans all over the world wish there were more teachers like Emily.

It's no secret that Moordale has had its fair share of bullies over the years - particularly with the headteachers, who have abused their power on more than one occasion. Still, not only did Emily the fans see her help the students of Moordale stand up to Hope Haddon (Jemima Kirke) on Open Day, but one of her more memorable moments was when she got the likable Maeve re-enrolled in Sex Education's second season.

Although Michael was so smug after expelling Maeve in season 1 for something she didn't even do, fans soon cheered when Emily managed to put him in his place by threatening to tell the school board that he covered up a cheating scandal if he didn't let Maeve re-enroll. Out of all the teachers in Moordale, Emily is certainly the one who would have the students' backs, which is definitely a quality a headteacher should have.

While there was a great scene near the end of season 3 that saw Emily attend the dog show Adam was participating in, this wasn't the only time that the viewers saw her support the students' interests and events.

She would sit in the audience for every Quiz Heads event, cheering them on and encouraged Maeve to apply for the program in America. She also reassured the students that they all did the right thing by standing up to Hope on Open Day (even if did lead to unforeseen consequences). If the students wanted to protest or speak about their beliefs and desires, everyone is certain that Emily would make sure they had a platform to do so because she knows how important it is to them.

Unlike Colin, who was excited by several students having a fight, or Hope, who actually had several fights with the students, Emily has proven to be the most responsible adult at Moordale.

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She always maintains a professional boundary with the students by not revealing any personal information to them nor does she try to be their friends. She's also not afraid to discipline them either when they overstep the mark, as seen in season 2's "Episode 7" or season 3's "Episode 2" when she gave the students detention for breaking the rules. If Emily was named headteacher, parents will already know that their children are in safe hands because Emily is the positive role model they need.

If there is one thing that Moordale needs the most at this moment, it is a strong ambassador who is capable of saving the school. Since Emily is heavily involved in several extracurricular activities, including the Quiz Heads and the Aptitude Scheme, while also bringing the unlikeliest of characters together, she would be the first person the students would pick to represent the school.

Many of Sex Education's best parents and staff would rally behind her as well if they found out that she was leading the campaign to save the school since she has a great repertoire with the children and can be quite direct and authoritative too.

Considering she has been working at Moordale for more than 7 years, fans were quite surprised that Emily hadn't been offered the job before Hope even was. By bringing in someone from the outside, who hadn't been near the school in years and wasn't familiar with the students, the board failed to realize that this isn't what Moordale needed the most.

On the other hand, Emily would be the perfect candidate for the role. She understands the students' needs, has got to know them all and knows what fundamentally works at the school. If the board is are looking to improve the school, Emily would be the best person to do this.

Throughout the three seasons, fans have seen Moordale get scrutinized by the media and the board for the bizarre shenanigans that have unfolded. Both Hope and Michael proved that they were not up to the job when they allowed the pressure and all the expectations to succeed get the best of them. But could Emily do any better?

If fans judge the way she managed to keep a clear head after the near bus crash and approached Rahim's (Sami Outalbali) "toilet problem" in a rational manner, Emily has proven that she would be able to handle stressful situations and is ready for more responsibility.

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