Rick & Morty: How Mortys Are Really Made (& Why There's So Many)

Rick and Morty season 5 revealed the real reason there are so many identical seeming Mortys in the show's universe - in a far darker explanation than any viewers were likely expecting. Season 5 episode 10 provided a series of answers for long-held questions about the wacky multiverse the characters explore, even finally giving some answers as to the convoluted and tragic circumstances of Rick's backstory.

However, some of the explanations Rick and Morty season 5 episode 10 provided were for questions that didn't have the widespread attention of bigger mysteries the audience were already invested in. While the likes of Rick's backstory or Evil Morty's plans certainly felt cathartic to see explained, plenty of borderline crucial information was provided for subjects that came seemingly out of the blue. One of the more interesting matters explained by the episode covers the matter of why there are so many Mortys, given both the chances the plenty of universes exist where Rick doesn't have a grandchild - or simply no grandchildren from his daughter, Beth - and that so many Mortys look identical, suggesting they all somehow had borderline identical birth circumstances.

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As it turns out, this isn't merely a way for artists to avoid having to do unnecessary extra work by designing several million Morty designs, but rather serves a plot-based purpose. Evil Morty explains to C-137 Morty in episode 10 that the Citadel of Ricks artificially creates an abundance of Mortys - to use as almost a currency, and to supply Ricks with sidekicks - by ensuring that Beths and Jerrys meet, fall in love, and have kids, essentially taking any agency these characters could have had in their own right. While it's not really focused on in the episode itself, this revelation is a pretty huge one, and could have some huge ramifications for the rest of the series.

One of the most common topics of conflicts amongst the Smith family, throughout the entire of Rick and Morty, is the fact that living with Rick often results in the family losing their ability to chose their own lives, in a sense. Rick has experimented on Morty without his permission (or even knowledge), involved them in countless schemes - some purposefully, some inadvertently - and consistently berated them when the Smith family don't share his nihilistic perspective of life. This had already caused some not inconsiderable conflict between him and Beth, when she discovered Rick had cloned her, sent one of the Beths into space to allow her to go on adventures, and purposefully had never learned if Space Beth was the "real" Beth. Season 6 could well reveal Morty now has the exact same conflict with his grandpa, knowing that his life was potentially placed into existence by a Rick solely for the purpose of being Rick's sidekick.

Rick and Morty has often toyed with the pair falling out properly, but this could be the catalyst for it finally happening in season 6, as the entire scenario seems custom-built to destroy the last lingering ounces of Morty's belief in his eccentric scientist grandfather, having finally become aware of just how much Rick Sanchez has been keeping from him through all of their adventures together. That said, knowing how little the show likes to focus on the actual overarching plot of the series, there's also a good chance all of this won't be mentioned for years to come - and that's arguably what keeps each episode so exciting.

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